What is the most common password in use in 2022? Here is the answer

Passwords, joys and pains of our time but which are the most commonly used? Is there something that all (or most) Italians have in common in the passwords they use? Are we different from other European countries or are we all similar? The study of NordPass seems to have the most suitable answer.

After having analyzed for a year the use and style of millions of passwords throughout the national and international territory, NordPass was able to publish a study concerning 200 of the most commonly used homegrown passwords, even going as far as to define the “tastes” of Italians compared to the foreign average. Let’s see how below.

  • Football passwords: the “national” sport par excellence does not miss the primacy of being in contention in the Top Ten he most used passwords in Italy. The two most popular words are Juventus and Napoli, with consequent combinations of numbers, letters and symbols.
  • Your full name: Martina, Francesca and Giulia represent the three most popular names in Italy. The problem with proper nouns is how easily they are guessed.
  • Convenience trumps everything: Although you may think it’s trivial (in fact it is) the most commonly used password in Italy remains the classic “123456” or more or less similar variants. If you think it’s a local practice, you’re wrong: it’s the most used password even in France, Japan and Colombia.

The study shows that the adoption of two- or three-factor password recognition is gradually increasing although people tend to get lazy and always choose the wrong words for their passwords.