what is it that really sets the best apart?

Games with cash prizes have always been a passion of Italians. Let’s see, however, what distinguishes the casinos best from those that don’t work.

When we talk about gamble we know we catch many Italians to the full. Italians love to challenge themselves and love to win in real money online casino. There are, however, many elements that distinguish between the casinos that work and those that work less. The first is, of course, to always play in online casinos safe real money, that is, those that are under the aegis ofADMCustoms and Monopoly Agency which is the body appointed by the Italian State to verify concessions to legal operators.

In fact, playing on illegal sites is too great a risk to run. Don’t have guarantees neither on the honesty of the operator nor on bonuses and deposits, on personal data, etc., is not a feasible thing and in our country there is very strict regulation. Regulation that allows you to gamble on the many safe sites that can be found online. This of security is a bug that has held back many players and that, only for a few years, thanks to increasingly advanced technology, seems to have been resolved.

The safety issue remains fundamental

The theme safety remains one of the big reasons why one real money online casino is preferred over another. The safe ones, the legal ones, in fact, pay great attention to this issue and have high quality cryptographic systems to protect the sensitive data and the banking data of the users. If until a few years ago there were many people who were victims of online fraud even on gambling sites, now this is practically impossible. There are many dedicated software and the payment methods used on these platforms are among the most modern ever.

What are the most used payment methods?

The methods of payment that are most used on real money gaming platforms are varied and all licensed. Beyond the various credit or debit cards we have a strong use of e-wallets, i.e. virtual wallets. Industry giants like PayPal, Neteller and others are all safe and compelling. Other platforms, on the other hand, are choosing to be able to use cryptocurrencies, virtual currencies that are among the most reliable in the world and which, in recent times, are increasingly known and used on the network.

The schedule of the games must be very varied

Another criterion that distinguishes the best casinos from the less valid ones is, of course, the variety of the game schedule. Italians love to play and, above all, they love having a wide choice of games to be able to have fun without getting bored. We are talking about sites with hundreds of different games including slot machines, poker, roulette, blackjack, bingo, seven and a half, instant win, live tables, baccarat, etc. They are many, they are different, the graphics are very intriguing and they are easy. That’s what they like, speed and ease on everything. The live tables, then, allow this intriguing experience halfway between the real and virtual casino, a real revolution.

Among the most played games we have the first place slot machine which are simple and based only on luck. In fact, they attract a type of player who does not want to think but who just wants to play, without too many frills. On the other hand, those who love strategy are more tied to games like poker whose value lies not in the cards you have in your hand but in the player’s psychology.

The bonuses: an incentive that works very well

Those who play on online platforms know that one incentive that works great is that of bonus. We have promotions, in fact, which serve to encourage users to play everywhere. We are talking about bonuses for new members such as welcome ones but also offers that are made to users already present on the platform. The best known offers are those on the first deposit or no deposit, that is sums of money or free spins that are given away before the first deposit into the gaming account or immediately after the first amount of money deposited.

There are, however, a number of bonuses designed for already registered users. They are bonuses that work with a code that must be unlocked through various spins or various amounts spent or VIP bonuses that are offered only to players who have spent the most money and are more consistent throughout the year. Another promotion that is very popular is the cashback one, that is, the one that offers a refund on a series of badly ended bets.