weekly Xur and exotic locations

Hello guardian!

Welcome to ICrewPlay weekend in the company of Xurmerchant of exotic (and not) of the Destiny 2 universe.

We are in the last meeting with our tentacled friend before the arrival of the season 17, which he will bring with him lots of news all to be discovered.

But beyond that, things to do in the immediate present there are too manyincluding the Trials of Osiristhe most loved competition by pivvuppari of the game, ready to give you juicy rewards if you mow down the opposing team.

Therefore, in view of all this, a jump by Xur seems to be a must!

So, stop the chatter and see together location and weekly exotics.

Xur: location

Since it now seems clear that they are simply 3 Xur’s favorite landing places (and therefore yes interchange weekly), it is not surprising that once again it is the turn of the Nessus host the mysterious smuggler, and to be more precise it is located in the Tomb of the Teller.

To reach it, just use the usual one spawn point relative to the previously mentioned area and then continue towards North East and get to the big one red tree with large branches: Xur will be on one of them. Below the screenshot of the specific point, in order to be clearer.

Position of Xur seen on the Nessus map
Location Xur nessus
Xur location overview

Destiny 2: Exotics of the Week

The weekly loot that Xur brought this time is comprised of:

  1. Telesto
  2. Gemini jester (class soccer player)
  3. Actium War Vehicle (class titan)
  4. Expression of Truth (class sorcerer)


Destiny 2: Xur Location Guide and Exotics of the Week (May 20-24) 1

A fusion rifle definitely interesting, whose bullets are able to stick and explode with delayed burst using damage from empty (perk Unexpected Truce). Equipped with a 4 shots and a charging time of 780the weapon is remarkably stable and of great thickness mainly for the PVP. Definitely to buy and add to your Destiny 2 Exotic collection.

Gemini jester

Destiny 2: Xur Location Guide and Exotics of the Week (May 20-24) 2

Legs for the class of soccer playerthis piece allows you to disorient nearby enemies when dodging and temporarily remove their radar (perk Disorientation).

The weekly rollwhich shows a total of 60is neutral (mobility +16 good, recovery too low, intellect +24 fair).

This element therefore turns out to be, beyond its statistics, a lot Interesting and strong to play in PVP (where it can become really annoying for your opponents). From take absolutely and add to your Destiny 2 collection.

Actium War Vehicle

Destiny 2: Guide to Xur Location and Exotics of the Week (May 20-24) 3

Bust for the class of titanable to constantly reload give her spare ammunition part of the shots of the weapon equipped, which must be or automatic rifle or machine gun (perk Self-charging joint).

Equipped with statistics neutral for a total of 61 (Optimal recovery +20but too low resilience), it is a piece that can turn out to be a great one ace in the hole both in PVP that in PVEso I advise you to take it and add it to your Destiny 2 collection.

Expression of Truth
Destiny 2: Guide to Xur Location and Exotics of the Week (May 20-24) 4

Piece for the class of sorcererit is able to activate Deadly spasms (with related bonuses to grenade damage and grenade energy) through final blows with weapons that use a damage type corresponding to the element of your subclass.

Also, when these Spasms are active and you throw one grenadethe regeneration grenades from nearby allies is increased considerably for a short period of time (perk Fourth Magic).

Equipped with statistics neutral for a total of 60 (excellent discipline seen the typical perk of the piece, recovery +9 low, too high mobility), is a very useful piece in PvP, where it can really make a difference. To be taken and added to your Destiny 2 collection.

The legendaries of the week

As you well know, Xur also armed himself with a compartment of legendary weapons and armorwhich I list below with the related perks:

  1. SI-2 of the Seventh Seraph (point-blank handle and elemental condenser);
  2. Whispering Skier (rapid extraction and breaker);
  3. Eternal way (murderous and relentless wind);
  4. Extended Shadow (instant aim and explosive charge);
  5. Widow’s Bite (well planted and violent interruption);
  6. MDS of the Seventh Seraph (self-reloading holster and vorpal weapon);
  7. Royal Entrance (military preparation and threshing).

As always, I remind all the Guardians on Destiny 2 that Xur allows you to buy a engram that will drop an absent exotic from your own collection (and in case you own all the exotics in a totally random), and start the quest Xenology to get a exotic message to spend from Xur himself, by the master Rahool or al Monument to the Lost Lights for the purchase of an exotic.

And have a nice weekend, guardian, see you next week here and yes Destiny 2!