weekly Xur and exotic locations

Hello guardian!

Welcome to the Friday appointment in the company of Xur, a merchant of exotics (and not) of Destiny 2.

A Xur in full Season of the Tormented, which arrives together with the new Dungeon “Duality“That will give you not only many rewards brand new, but even best if you have the courage to go inside at greater difficulty.

Challenge upon challenge, mission upon mission overlap, creating all the conditions for one lightning visit from the sprawling merchantready to give you some incentive in exchange for tall your treasures.

So, no more chatter and let’s see together location and weekly exotics!

Xur: location

Usual place, usual time: Also this week Xur landed on the Towerprecisely in the section of the hangar. To reach it, after being spawned in the central point of the map, it will be necessary go to the left and then north of the area up to the top limit, and here we will find our traveling agent stationed on one walkway preceded by a flight of stairs. Below are the screenshots of its location, in order to be clearer and more precise.

Location of Xur as seen from the Tower map
destiny 2
Xur location overview

Destiny 2: Exotics of the Week

Destiny 2: Guide to Xur Location and Locations of the Week (May 27-31) 1

The rich loot Xur brought this time is composed by:

  • Colony;
  • Crown of the larval shell (class soccer player);
  • Heart of intimate light (class titan);
  • Armilles of Karnstein (class sorcerer).


Destiny 2: Guide to Xur Location and Locations of the Week (May 27-31) 2

Exotic Grenade Launcher fast, quick and functional. Equipped with a 7-round magazinehis grenades are able to chase the enemy and explode in his proximity, precisely because of their being gods. insect robots, and they automatically plug into the charger when the grenade launcher is not equipped.

It is a weapon that I recommend for the PvPas at the level of DPS you could exploit much more eye-catching pieces: in short, nothing special, but still worth adding to your Destiny 2 collection.

Crown of the larval shell

Destiny 2: Guide to Xur Location and Locations of the Week (May 27-31) 3

Helmet for the class of soccer playerwhich turns out to be very comfortable both in PVP that in PVE mainly due to being able to Reload partially shield And life thanks to dodge carried out and therefore increase your own chance to survive (perk Adherent Spirits).

The roll weekly is neutral (resilience too high, recovery penalized e mobility good but not excellent) but does not affect the versatility of the piecewhich I therefore highly recommend purchasing for your Destiny 2 collection.

Heart of intimate light

Destiny 2: Guide to Xur Location and Locations of the Week (May 27-31) 4

Piece for the class of titanwhich allows you to upgrade two skills if you use them grenade, body to body or Barricadeas well as speeding up the health recovery And body to body and of deal more damage And make the barricades more robust than normal (perk Overflowing Light).

Equipped with statistics good (Great resilience, discipline, intellect and strength balanced with respect to perk typical of the piece), is an element to be taken into consideration as it could be that ace in the hole for vary the gameplay and give a significant contribution in every activity. To be taken and added to your Destiny 2 collection.

Armilles of Karnstein

Destiny 2: Guide to Xur Location and Locations of the Week (May 27-31) 5

Piece for the class of sorcerer able to regenerate instantly a large part of health through the hand-to-hand killsand this effect persists even after launched the shot (perk Vampiric Caress).

Equipped with statistics questionable (the roll itself is not bad, but recovery too low), is a versatile piece, perhaps one of the best for the sorcerer: from take absolutely not only for its aesthetics, but also and above all for its strength utility.

And finally… legendary of the week!

As always here is the list of legendary brought by Xur along with the related perk:

  • SI-2 of the Seventh Seraph (point-blank grip and instant aim);
  • Whispering Skier (gait of the archer and wrecker);
  • Eternal way (autofocus system and violent interruption)
  • Extended Shadow (point blank handle and explosive charge);
  • Widow’s Bite (well planted and eye of the storm);
  • MDS of the Seventh Seraph (military preparation and line of fire);
  • Royal Entrance (military and relentless preparation).

As always, I remind all the Guardians on Destiny 2 that Xur allows you to buy a engram who will drop an exotic absent from their collection (and in case you own all the exotics totally random), and to start the quest Xenology to get a exotic message to spend from Xur himself, by the master Rahool or al Monument to the Lost Lights for the purchase of an exotic.

And that’s how dear guardian: See you soon with Destiny 2!