Weekly Xbox sales in Japan exceed PlayStation sales for the first time in eight years in News › Brief

As for the news, it is purely anecdotal, although it is still curious, but it is a line in the water. Although it reflects very well the serious problem that there is in stock.

If it stays like this, it only has 408 weeks left to reach PS5 in sales in Japan

bley wrote:I don’t understand the Sony thing but it worries me, I hope it doesn’t go under.

As long as we are left alone with Microsoft, they are going to charge us even for turning on the console, because Nintendo is going their own way and these people, when they already take over the market, are the devil.

It’s been a long time since I read such a big piece of bullshit, when Sony is precisely the one that bleeds its users and since you want arguments, I’ll give you some:

– Sony is the one that has raised the prices of its games (those from PlayStation Studios) to €80, while Xbox Game Studios games remain at €60-70

– Sony is the one that charges you or tries to charge you €80 for AA games when they are games that should come out at a lower price (Returnal or Destruction All Star that, although they backed down at first, tried to sell it for that price)

– Sony is the one that has updated one of its star games (GT7) to divide the rewards you receive in the game and multiply the price of the cars, so you get desperate and checkout

– Sony is the one that charges for transferring its games from PS4 to PS5 while transferring your games from Xbox One to Xbox Series is completely free

– Sony is the one that is going to charge you for a subscription service worse than the competition more money than the competition costs

– Sony is the one that is not going to put its launch games on day 1 in its subscription service to charge you €80 for them, while in the Game Pass all Xbox Game Studios games come out on day 1

– Sony is the one that after saying that backwards compatibility is of no interest to anyone, then they give it to you through a subscription while on Xbox you have backwards compatibility included without having to pay subscriptions.

And with all these things you have the balls to say that Microsoft is going to charge you to turn on the console… some of you have such a distorted perception of reality that it’s even worrying.