Wasteland, Microsoft renews the brand and fans dream of a new chapter of inXile

As promptly reported by the Twitter account Lumia updates, Microsoft registered the trademark of Wasteland at the patent office of United States of America. Unfortunately, however, the news stops here, but thanks to this update we still come to find out how the colossus of Redmond intends to continue exploiting this series in the future by making new products.

In fact, despite this registration at the patent office of the USA does not specifically disclose future plans for Microsoftit is natural that it immediately sparked speculation about the arrival of a new chapter in the series, obviously developed by inXile Entertainment.

That said, it is important to point out how the trademark registration of Wasteland from Microsoft is fundamentally aseptic and can also be just a way to keep ownership of the franchise active, in order to protect the products currently on the market.

After all, we’re talking about a forty-year-old franchise, so it’s definitely one Intellectual property that the colossus of Redmond he intends to continue to maintain control, thus leaving the possibility of placing new chapters of the series on the market in the coming years.

Having made these necessary premises, it is also worth remembering that Wasteland 3 has achieved more than two million of players, despite being a hardcore RPG. Therefore, it is possible that Microsoft and inXile want to keep the series alive, which is still recording a good success, after the revival operated with the second chapter of the saga.

In conclusion of this article we remind you that inXile is currently working on a mysterious project, another RPG that has even been defined by the development team as the largest they have ever worked on.