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What are all the changes to the Caldera map in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4? Answered

A wise man once said that a battlefield is something alive. The topography is constantly changing, not only because of explosives, but also because of new construction efforts. That’s why you always need the most up-to-date information on your battlefield. For example, what are all the changes to the Caldera map in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4?

What are all the changes to the Caldera map in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4?

First, much of the foliage on the Caldera map has been cleared for the new Storage Town area. Storage Town is an old Warzone POI that has returned to Caldera, and everything you remember has returned: the large water tower, the rows of storage units, and the central building. However, not all is level ground; The storage city is built into the side of a hill, which can provide interesting new sight lines.

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Second, an armored SUV can now be found in Caldera. Drive with style, comfort and above all safety! In addition to the driver’s seat and two passenger seats, the armored SUV has a retractable gunner’s seat with a heavy machine gun. The driver also has access to a Nitro Boost for excursions or quick chases.

Third, various existing landmarks and points of interest have been changed and updated. Many denser forested areas have thinned, providing less cover, though new campsites have taken up their place. The island’s seven bunkers are now controlled by mercenaries, who require key cards to enter. Open one for all kinds of quality loot.

Finally, small changes have been made to most of the main areas of the island:

  • The capital already has scaffolding on the roof
  • Skulls and bones were removed from the excavation site.
  • A ship is moored in the Arsenal dry dock
  • New stairs on the Peak
  • New industrial area north of the Pic
  • New military camp east of the Summit
  • Dry riverbeds near the gondola station
  • Dry river southeast of Pico
  • Receding waters near the docks
  • dry pool in the fields
  • Dry rivers near the radio station and the factory.
  • dry river near the village

This update is now available and ready to explore. If you need any more updates or gameplay tips, be sure to check out our Call of Duty section!