Warzone 2 drone bug is giving players free wallhacks

It seems that the players of Warzone 2 have discovered a new bug related to the reconnaissance drone, which basically allows you to get gods ping live continue to the detriment of enemies, consequently allowing him to easily track down other users even through walls, obtaining an advantage that is a little too substantial and capable of directing the outcome of a game.

Well yes, some users are getting real ones wallhack free (glitches that allow enemies to be seen even when hidden behind walls and doors), due to a glitch with the Warzone 2 reconnaissance drone constantly live pinging players.

Warzone 2 in a video posted on the net yesterday January 12, revealing that a player remained constantly “pinged” live even as he entered buildings. This obviously allowed the YouTuber to track down the player with ease, getting an easy kill while the unfortunate opponent tried to save his skin by running out of the building.

But this wasn’t the only time such a glitch appeared, as YouTuber Tomographic also showed off the bug in December. In this video it was possible to see a reconnaissance drone flying in the sky, and even after it was no longer possible to use it, the opponent was sadly reported all the time. To further aggravate the matter is that the problem remained even after his death and subsequent return from the Gulag.

It also seems that there is no precise way to achieve this continuous ping using the Warzone 2 drone, but when it happens it is essentially a guaranteed kill against the other player, since it remains active even if the recipient returns from the Gulag .

We also point out that at the time of writing this article Raven Software has not commented in any way on this technical problem, but it is reasonable to expect a large amount of bug fixes and various updates in the Warzone 2 season 2 update, which is expected to be released during the middle of February 2022.

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