Warzone 2.0, some weapons are upgraded compared to Modern Warfare 2

The weapons of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 And Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 are apparently the same, but in reality the stats of some are significantly different from one game to another. This was discovered by a content creator, who found some differences between the main game of the series and its free-to-play counterpart.

Everyone is convinced that the weapons of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0 have the same characteristics, but apparently the developers have made sure that this is not exactly the case. In most cases the values ​​of the weapons remain the same, but in some there have been interventions aimed at making theirs different performance. Overall, the weapons in Warzone 2.0 are better than those in Modern Warfare 2.

The discovery is to be attributed to TrueGameData and its detection was born out of a weapon that everyone uses in Warzone 2.0. In fact, the X12 pistol is the starting weapon with which players are equipped. Her battle royale stats are significantly higher, making her a much more effective asset than she is in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. Her superiority estimate in the first case is 40% higher than in the paid game, which allows you to eliminate opponents much faster.

TrueGameData has discovered that the x12 without attachments it removes 41 points of damage by hitting an enemy in the chest at optimal distance in Warzone 2.0, while in the same conditions in Modern Warfare 2 the damage is only 29 points. Translated into shots needed to eliminate an opponent with a double protective plate, in the first case five are needed, while in the second seven. A not indifferent advantage, in short.

The explanation for this difference could lie in the longer health bar in the battle royale compared to Modern Warfare 2. In any case, other than X12 there don’t seem to be many other cases with such stark differences. TruGameData only spotted something like this with theM4with two points more damage in Warzone 2.0, while the other weapons seem to respond to everyone’s feeling that there is no variation between the two games.