Warzone, 120Hz will return to Xbox Series consoles soon

Many months ago, around the time that Warzone had received its restyling dedicated to call of Duty Vanguard support a 120 fps for console Xbox Series X | S it was removed due to some technical problems. At the time, Raven Software claimed that this was a backend issue of Xboxas Microsoft had distributed a software update and that this required the rewriting of part of the game code for the Xbox version.

With Warzone heading towards Season 3 Reloaded, developer Raven Software has stated that 120Hz support will be available again on Xbox Series X | S consoles.

These are the statements of the development team:

Finally, however, it was confirmed that over the next week the performance improved for the new consoles Xbox Series X | S will be available again, provided of course you have a compatible monitor or TV.

We’re happy to share that starting with next week’s mid-season patch, players on Xbox series consoles will once again be able to enjoy #Warzone with 120Hz support. We hope this, along with many other exciting updates, will make the Caldera experience even more enjoyable!

If you are not a regular player of Warzone you should know that lately the game has seen many changes and many new features since the launch of Xbox Series X | S. In fact, at this moment an event is underway that sees none other than King Kong Vs. Godzilla, a decidedly innovative crossover that is spreading a lot in this period in various live service titles. By the way, you know that there is a way to get extra points by hitting King Kong in the lower parts?

We remind you that Warzone Season 3 Reloaded will debut next week, probably the May 25bringing with it the support a 120Hz and a host of new content on Xbox Series X | S.

You will come back to play Warzone after the return of support a 120fps? Let us know in the comments!