“Warner inexplicably didn’t want THAT character to return,” says Dwayne Johnson [Spoiler]

Caution: This article contains spoilers for Black Adam, a film that launched Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson into the DC Cinematic Universe.

Despite Black Adams has reached cinemas for several years now, winning the favor of critics and audiences, there are still several aspects of the film capable of sending the entire web into turmoil. One of these is the now highly discussed post credit scene. This time, in full MCU style, the scene is charged with importance for the future of this cinematic universe. Precisely in this regard, the protagonist of the film recently revealed that inexplicably many at Warner Bros were against the return of a certain Kryptonian to the big screen.

As explained by the actor in a video for some time the Studios didn’t want Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel to return. This choice for Dwayne Johnson is still unjustifiable given the popularity of this version of the character among fans.


You know what I’m talking about. Henry Cavill as Superman again. Unfortunately the studios didn’t want to bring him back. Something inexplicable and that did not admit excuses. But we couldn’t take no for an answer. And that’s why I, Seven Bucks co-founder Dany Garcia, Hiram Garcia, and our president Hiram Garcia set in motion strategic conversations to get Henry back. It took yearsDwayne Johnson explains on Twitter.

Finally, the interpreter of Black Adam explains that thinking about the future of the DC Cinematic Universe without taking into account Superman it would have been a counterproductive move. Indeed, the Man of Steel has always played a very important role in the DC world and continuing with the introduction of new characters without taking into consideration the greatest hero always would not have made much sense.

It didn’t make any sense, it was impossible to shape the future of what we’re building without the most important force in the universe and the greatest superhero ever. All possible laps can be done, but the presence of Superman remains essential“.

Fortunately things turned out differently and one of the best versions of the hero has finally returned to the scene. And who knows, maybe with the debut of James Gunn at the helm of the new DCEU we will see the hero regain a certain centrality within this cinematic universe.

Source: Dwayne Johnson