Warhammer Skulls will be back again this year, there will be Space Marine 2

Games Workshop confirmed that the Warhammer Skulls, special event dedicated to video games set in the various narrative lines related to this franchise. The festival will last a week, but the highlight will certainly be the live broadcast that kicks off at 19 hours of June 1st up Twitchand which will be presented by Clive Standen. A name that should be familiar to fans of the Bleak Millennium, as the British voice actor lends his voice to the captain (former captainit would seem) Titusprotagonist of Space Marine 2. And just the game developed by Saber Interactive will be one of the titles shown in the course of this live, together with Warhammer 40,000: Darktideto Warhammer: Vermintide 2to Total War: Warhammer III and a whole series of updates, news and reveal related to the world of video games. Specifically, we cross our fingers hoping that Warhammer Skulls brings with it a release date for Space Marine 2, but we will be happy to follow the entire direct.

After the end of the showcase, and until June 8, many titles related to the Warhammer franchise, and their additional content, they will go on sale on the most important digital stores (Steam, Xbox, Epic
Games Store, GOG.com, Windows Store, Meta Quest, GeForce Now and more). In short, a beautiful beginning of June promises to be interesting for fans of Games Workshop creations.

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