Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun – review – game

This is how retro looks to me! Although it’s not really retro at all, it’s disguised as such. But it works great. Not completely literally, there are flaws here, but it’s up to you how you decide. There is no situation in which they would overpower the quality of this bloody game. As fate would have it, a review for a new FPS Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun five first after the Warhammer Skulls festival, which brought an incredible amount of Warhammer news. It showed interesting looking games of various genres, including the titles of many others. Some of those games look great. But I’m not sure, even at a glance they showed more interest than Boltgun.

the person who came across the star that the game will look exactly like this is a genius. Any game that is over 30 will catch your eye at first glance. Atch young people still address it in a certain way. The game doesn’t look old, it looks good. The authors hit the retro aesthetic right and made sure it looks modern in a certain way. He sees that there is an artistic dimension and it does not resemble anything else, old or new. I have my own identity. Here it reminds me of Dark Forces, there it reminds me of Duke Nukem, but if you rub your eyes again, you will notice that the game has never been like this before.

It’s a 3D FPS, but forget the 3D elements. Here you can play very nicely drawn sprites. They stand marching, shooting at you, all at once they turn into a bunch of pixel rivers and other innards that slowly flow down the walls. Before that, of course, there were soldiers, witches, demons and others. Everything here is really hit exactly so that you don’t miss connections with beautiful retro styling. Ana is on the verge of reminding me of something, but actually the game looks fresh and unique. In addition, you also know how to play the game, set it to your taste, when you find out that age and sound are actually just a kind of filter. But keep those nice sprites.

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