Wanderers of the worlds, an overview of the contents

Legends of Runeterra recently welcomed Worldwalkersthe new expansion that brought with it 4 new champions, over 65 cards and the Path of Champions 2.0, an improved version of the famous PvE mode.

Developer / Publisher: Riot Games / Riot Games Price: Free to Play Location: Complete Multiplayer: Competitive online PEGI: 7 Available On: PC, Android, iOS Launch date: May 25

Knowing the enemy and yourself is important in winning, however knowing the news of the latest expansion is much more so here’s an overview of the content that arrived on May 25 on Legends of Runeterra, the solid card game from Riot Games.


Instead of a region with specific cards and mechanics, Worldwalkers hands us on a silver platter 4 new champions including Jhin and Bard, the first Champions of Runeterra unbound from the regions. The new duo is characterized by the keyword Origin, an effect that can be reminiscent of the dynamics of the regions as it affects the build of the deck. In fact, to take advantage of Origine it is necessary that our deck contains cards with very specific characteristics, a peculiarity that will delight the most creative deckbuilders. Below I leave you a list of the 4 samples with a brief official description:

  • Jhin: he is the first ever Runeterra Champion and his Origin, The Virtuoso, allows you to add any card with the skill / skill keyword to your deck.
  • Annie: little Annie is ready to disintegrate enemies with the help of Tibbers, as well as obviously overturn Legends of Runeterra with her destructive power.
  • Bard: et voilà the second Champion of Runeterra. With his musical allies, Bard can put lots of Bells in your deck to power up the cards in your hand.
  • Illaoi: Aided by Serpent Mother Nagakabouros, the rocky kraken priestess admired in the spin-off Ruined King: A League of Legends Story she can summon and empower devastating tentacles to crumble the enemy Nexus.

As you can guess from the list, the Champions of Runeterra and Origin aren’t the only significant new additions to the expansion. The same goes for i Gifts And Generation, two brand new keywords both based on enhancements but in two very different ways. The Gifts are buffs that are given to random cards in our deck and that are activated when these cards are drawn. Bard’s Bells, for example, are Gifts that grant + 1 / + 1 to the cards in your hand for each Bell activated.

The new Gift keyword and a Bard bell.

As for Illaoi instead it is necessary to explain Generation, a keyword that allows summon a 1/1 Tentacle if you don’t already have one. Depending on the number of Generations listed in a spell or ability, by dint of playing cards with the new effect the tentacle can grow to become quite problematic. If you already have a Tentacle in play, it is awarded + X / + X for each Generation played.


Wanderers of the Worlds will also be remembered for giving us the Path of Champions 2.0, a revamped and expanded version of the fun PvE mode. Riot Games has the Walk of Champions very much at heart despite knowing full well that PvP boasts many admirers. The recent presentation of the new content I took part in revealed to me that one of the main focuses of devs is make Legends of Runeterra as varied as possible so that anyone has the opportunity to find a mode that suits his strings. Below is a list with the modifications of the Path of Champions 2.0:

  • New regions: Noxus and Demacia, as well as Piltover and Zaun, Ionia and Bilgewater
  • New permanent progression systems including: Legend Levels that upgrade the entire roster of champions, Champion Star Levels that provide unique abilities to champions and unlock new parts of their personal adventures, Reimagined and extended Champion Levels to upgrade popular champions to extraordinary new heights
  • Unique adventures samples
  • Adventures in the world to test yourself with any of your own champions

The Novelty Waltz ends with changes to the rewards path and Pulsefirethe new event that gives access to a series of hi-tech cosmetic elements, plus of course the final reward (the Akshan Pulsefire skin). The new pass (as it will happen with future Event Passes) will have many more free nodes than in the past but will not take longer to complete, furthermore the paths of the regions will not be extended further. Theoretically, the aforementioned changes should allow regular players to continue earning free rewards during events. while allowing newcomers to benefit from both existing region routes and the expanded selection of free Event Pass nodes.


Legends of Runeterra has been further enriched with patch 3.8.0 and with Wanderers of the worlds, but the news does not seem destined to increase only the number of contents present. The Champions of Runeterra and Origine are fascinating conceptually but also with a view to the future; between them, Gestation, the Gifts and some new cards more inspired than others, the period of experiments and fighting at the latest synergy has just begun. Despite this, I cannot help but take off my hat in front of the commendable efforts of Riot Games to try to offer us the best possible version of the Path of Champions, a single player mode that probably someone will not even know but which is certainly able to give great satisfaction to those who does not live on PvP alone.

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