Wakanda Forever, Dwayne Johnson comments on the success of the film

Dwayne Johnson recently joined the cinecomics universe debuting in the role of Black Adam in what remains of the DCEU. It is known, however, that superheroes are no strangers to fighting and in this period the anti-hero of the DC comics had to clash in the halls with the heroes of Wakanda of the universe Marvel finding worthy opponents. The biggest box office hit this month seems to be in fact Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and, with a post on Twitter, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson does not fail to congratulate the authors of the film.
The Rock he is not entirely wrong, despite the numerous postponements in both cinecomics sagas, this period has been very rich for fans of the genre and certainly both films have benefited from it. If the sequel to Black Panther scored the big box office record of $ 180 million at launch in America, Black Adam is not outdone, reaching i 352 million dollars worldwide (151 in America).

Surely we are faced with two films of enormous importance for the world of cinecomics, from the landing in this reality of a great actor like Dwayne Johnson to a work of great quality that, in addition to adding details to the now very intricate plot of the Marvel Cinematic Universecommemorates a high-level actor like Chadwick Boseman, unfortunately disappeared for two years now. The cinecomics program for the coming months seems to be quite vast, this reality still has a lot to offer to fans of the genre.