Videos taken from Arma 3 used for fake news, the developers clarify

Bohemia Interactive explains how to recognize a movie taken from Arma 3 from a real one.

It is no news that the web is now full of fake newsespecially regarding sensitive issues such as the ongoing war in Ukraine. Precisely for this reason the developers of Bohemia Interactivethe studio behind Weapon 3intervened on the matter: several footage taken from the video game, more than once, were shown as videos of the conflict.

The development team takes this opportunity to explain to viewers around the world how to distinguish footage from Weapon 3 from a real one that actually shows what is happening in Ukraine at the moment. Low resolution: Older smartphones can record videos in HDoften the videos used to spread fake news are deliberately pixelated And out of focus, just so as not to immediately guess that they are taken from a video game.

The help from users is essential: it is important to specify that the video comes from a video game and does not represent real events, finally several gamers have reported the use of videos precisely for the dissemination of fake news with titles clickbait.

From the quality of the images, to the presence of the game interface: here’s how to recognize an Arma 3 movie used as fake news.

It is not uncommon for the images in question to not be recorded in-game, but through a video camera: this allows for an even more dramatic effect thanks to an even lower quality to which excessive camera shake will be added. In fact, often the recordings are darker in order not to notice the absence of details.

Although the movement of vehicles can be rendered realistically in video games, it is not the same for that of humans as it is still difficult to make it completely natural, even in the most modern video games. An important detail can be the presence of game interface elements, such as a pointer or menu to select weapons within the movie.

Finally, attention must be paid to the presence of explosions, smoke and dust especially in unfavorable climatic conditions: even the most modern video games do not represent everything in a rather natural way. Users with excellent knowledge of weapons, on the other hand, will be able to recognize the use of unrealistic military means for the conflict in question: we also remember that in video games it is not difficult to find the presence of inauthentic coats of arms.