Vesper for just over 50% on Eneba!

Today Eneba offers us among its numerous offers Vesper, a very artistic and evocative adventure created by the very Italian team Cordens Interactive, for just over 5 euros!

Vesper is a two-dimensional adventure with platform and puzzle game elements that manages to intrigue and attract players mainly for a remarkable scenic impact and atmospheregiven by its very accurate graphics.

Vesper: the beginning of the adventure

In the game we will play the dark role of a young alien on the run for his safety. Life flowed peacefully on his planet until, without warning, this peace was abruptly broken: some aggressors started a ferocious assault aimed at exterminating the inhabitants of the planet.

Our protagonist thus finds himself in a true hell of fire and explosions that it is literally devouring the city we are in; the bodies of our people now fill every corner of the streets and the fighting rages relentlessly. After a very strong explosion, the protagonist will lose consciousness but when he wakes up he will realize that he is miraculously unharmed. The danger is certainly not over; the stormtroopers are patrolling relentlessly to exterminate the last survivors.

With functional but fairly simple gameplay and not a lot of mechanics like arrows for your bow, Vesper makes involvement and atmosphere its strong point.


The sound is another point in favor of the title, with cool music and sound effects that accompany the game very well and its settings. The commands result very precise though poor in actions to be able to perform and the mechanics are not very diversified throughout the adventure.

If you want to know more about the title, you can read our review, download the free demo from Vesper’s Steam pageor view the trailer below.