Vampire Survivors, Phil Spencer is bewitched by it and is spending whole days there

Ten hours a day, but someone has doubts

What a Phil Spencer liked Vampire Survivors it was already known, considering one of his recent tweets in which he showed that he liked the game. From here to believe that in the last two weeks the Xbox boss has spent almost two hundred hours attached to the title, however, the road is long. Yet the statistics that can be consulted on the net and related to Spencer’s account speak precisely of these numbers.

Vampire Survivors, a successful indie, not just for Spencer

Vampire Survivors, created solo by our compatriot Luca Galantebetter known as Poncleit turned out to be one of the best indie surprises of 2022. Also available in the catalog since Day one Game Pass for Xbox and PC, the game offers a roguelike formula that has managed to create addiction in many players and to earn an international average rating capable of making even God of War Ragnarok.

Addiction seems to have affected too Phil Spencer. Consulting his profile on the TrueAchievements achievement trackerIndeed, it turns out that the head of Xbox has scored over 192 hours of play from 11 November. Not only that, but Spencer shows that he has conquered 96 objectives out of a total of 142, a confirmation that the hours accumulated would not be passive, but of real gameplay.

Someone claims that the counter could be wrong. From a quick division, in fact, you get a total of about ten hours of daily play, an amount of time to make the most hardened and addicted of gamers pale. As much as Phil Spencer may appreciate the Vampire Survivors formula, it’s hard to imagine him spending most of his days in front of the TV.

Precisely based on this image, some users on the net have joked thinking about Phil Spencer too absorbed by Vampire Survivors to devote himself to the development of new games to be launched on Xbox, or to think about the lawsuit against Sony in the context of the acquisition of activision. What we can take for true is that Spencer really likes the game, as well as many other people like it, and this is a very valid reason to give it a chance as well.

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