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Today, December 1, 2022, Riot Games announced a new weapon skin “VALORANT” in the free tactical FPS “VALORANT”.Abyssal” has started to be sold.

There are 5 types of weapons that have “Abyssal” skins, and from rifle weaponsGuardian,phantomis a compatible weapon.

New Weapon Skin “Abyssal”

Weapon skins, excluding melee weapons, sell for 1,275 Valorant Points. As for other items, the melee weapon “Ceruleus” is sold separately for 2,550 Valorant points, but these are free when purchased with the full skin set (1,275 x 4 = 5,100).

  • Weapon skin “Abyssal” (set price: 5,100 Valorant points)
    • Abyssal Sheriff: 1,275 Valorant Points
    • Abyssal specter: 1,275 Valorant Points
    • Abyssal Guardian: 1,275 Valorant Points
    • Abyssal phantom: 1,275 Valorant Points
    • ceruleus (melee weapon): 2,550 Valorant points (free with set)

The weapon skin “Abyssal”, which is now on sale, does not have color variations that can be released with Lady Knight and LEVEL elements. The design is based on an underwater motif, so it might be interesting to combine it with the latest agent “Harbor”.

The sales period for the new weapon skin “Abyssal” isDecember 15, 2022 6:59 amto.

  • Title: VALORANT
  • Release date: June 2, 2020
  • Target model: PC (Riot Games)


¥9,000 (As of 2022/12/01 03:18 | Amazon research)

Black Friday sale once a year! /



Valorant: Undersea weapon skin
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Valorant: Undersea weapon skin