Urusei Yatsura’s historical anime returns with a reboot. The authors of Jojo Vento Aureo will take care of it

More and more big returns in the course of 2022. Now it is the turn of an anime that has marked an entire generation, and the following ones. Let’s talk about Lum, the western title of Urusei Yatsura. A reboot / remake of the anime will arrive in October on FujiTV. The first teaser trailer in the original language has already been released on the Japanese television broadcaster’s YouTube channels.

The manga, published by Shogagukan and published in Weekly Shonen Jump from 1978 to 1987, was created by Rumiko Takahashi. Since 1981 an animated adaptation of the same name has been produced – Urusei Yatsura – of about 195 episodes and has reached our television stations under the name of Lum. Taking care of the reboot will be Hideya Takahashi and Yasuhiro Kimura after their experience with Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure: Golden Wind.

Lum, you will remember, tells the story of an attempted alien invasion of the earth by the Oni. The leader of the invaders offers the inhabitants of the planet a chance for salvation. If a randomly chosen human being managed to touch the horns on the head of his daughter Lum within 10 days, he would have left the earth free.. The choice falls on the unfortunate high school student Ataru who immediately accepts the challenge. Ataru’s attempts seem destined to fail as – as he will only discover later – Lum has some paranormal powers including the ability to fly. Nonetheless, Ataru manages to devise a ruse to accomplish his task. From that moment on, the story continues telling the daily misadventures involving the terrestrial and the alien.


According to the first information in circulation, the series will not be an adaptation of the manga 1: 1 but only some selected narrative arcs will be transposed. There will probably also be differences with the animated adaptation of the 80s. Still no news of a possible broadcast also in Italy.

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Source: YouTube