update for a more sustainable console

Microsoft wants to remove more carbon than it emits by 2030 and take responsibility for the carbon emissions created by the use of its products, including Xbox. To achieve this second objective, the company has announced an update that will transform Xbox into the first “carbon-conscious” console. The technology company is also working on energy options to offer a more sustainable console with less environmental impact.

The next Xbox update will add a way to optimize Xbox updates and downloads. This is achieved by running them when the console can use the most renewable energy. Xbox will schedule updates to games, apps and the operating system at specific times during nightly maintenance hours, which Microsoft says may result in lower carbon footprints because the largest share of electricity will come from renewable sources.

“For example, instead of Xbox turning on during the nightly maintenance period at a random time between 2:00 and 6:00, the console will turn on at a time that it can use the most renewable energy in your system. local power grid,” Microsoft explains. “This reduces reliance on fossil fuels and CO2 emissions, and could save you money.”

With the same update Xbox Series will also change the default power option to off (power saving) mode, with the option to go back to sleep mode. Off mode can take up to 45 seconds for the console to start up and its power consumption is reduced, while sleep mode consumes more and is required for remote wake and fast boot. A console in off mode that is not running reduces power usage “up to 20 times” compared to sleep mode.

For users who do not want to leave sleep mode, there is a new Active Hours setting, which are periods during which the console turns off completely and consumes 0.5 W instead of 10-15 W. On Xbox Series Active Hours will automatically be enabled and scheduled based on past usage, while on Xbox One they will need to be set manually.

Xbox owners who are in the Insider program can now download the new update. It is unknown for now when it will be available to the rest.