unveiled from the set the logo of the Marvel series?

The new series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Echocould have a new logo. This information seems to come directly from the set of the series, from which the lead writer Marion Dayre would share a photo via Twitter. This photo depicts the take used by the crew, which in addition to reporting the number of the scene shot, the take, and other information about it, also shows the logo of the series in the lower center.

This, however, is very different than the first logo shown during the announcement of the series on November 12 last year, while the Disney + Day.

As we know, Disney often reveals the official logo of its productions at events or with specific and dedicated announcementsso this particular one could turn out to be a “anomalous” case, although the photo from the set looks more than authentic. In any case, we invite you to take the information with due precautions until an official statement is released. Below is the photo cited.

As for the information about the series itself, not much has been leaked. We know that Echo (whether the logo is the old or the new) will arrive on Disney + in the near futurebut the plot of the events that will see the protagonist Maya Lopez it is still shrouded in mystery. The character has already appeared during another MCU series, namely Hawkeyeand is preparing to receive its first dedicated series.

Maya Lopez is one of the few deaf characters we’ve seen in the comics, and in the MCU she is played by the talented Alaqua Cox. The girl was orphaned is raised by Kingpin as if she were his daughter, but as we could see during the Hawkeye “Christmas” series, this parenting-like relationship may not be long-term. A recently published image (which we propose on the cover) gave us a first look at the protagonist of the series.