Until Dawn creators are working on Dead by Daylight game

Supermassive Games, the developers behind Until Dawn and The Dark Picturesworking on own game in Dead by Daylight-Universe. This was revealed today with a look at the roadmap.

Accordingly, a arises here new interactive single player story gamewhich is an intense narrative experience in Dead by Daylight-Universe will offer and which is about life and death. Presumably the classic Supermassive Games formula is used here.

“We’ve worked hard to soften the suspense, action and branching of a Supermassive game along with the mythology of Dead by Daylight to create an intense narrative experience filled with powerful life-or-death choices. Our game will be set outside of the entity realm and will tell the story of a new cast of characters that players will follow to have an unprecedented experience beyond the mist.”

Supermassive Games

Another game is also being created by the Midwinter Entertainment team, which is also in the Dead by Daylight-Universe is located. This multiplayer PVE game will explore themes of greed, where teams of up to four players can conquer a strange new corner of the Entity’s realm.

“Our vision is to create a multiplayer PvE experience where up to four players can team up, enter another realm of entity and face off against a multitude of deadly enemies instead of competing against each other. This project is still at a very early stage. We’re really passionate about what we do and can’t wait to share more about it over time.”

Midwinter Entertainment

Further details on the two projects will follow in due course.

Dead by Daylight Roadmap

Dead by Daylight Chapter 28: End Transmission

For the 7th anniversary of Dead by Daylight also revealed the details of Chapter 28: End Transmission, which starts on June 13th. The Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage was brought on board for this.

Featuring a new map called Toba Landing, set on a mysterious and terrifying planet, the chapter takes players into a unique biome with menacing flora and an atmosphere unlike anything on Earth. The latest killer, the Singularity is a monstrous fusion of restructured organic matter and machine parts attempting to become the perfect life form. Hope now rests with new survivor Gabriel Soma, a talented engineer whose determination once helped him escape the singularity.

“We’re excited to take the fear of the unknown to new heights with End Transmission,” said Dave Richard, creative director of Dead by Daylight. “With the new chapter, we are expanding the boundaries of the entity’s reach and exploring dark themes of advanced technology, and I think this will be a very frightening experience for all fans.”

In one of his deadliest roles yet, Nicolas Cage becomes another survivor fighting for his life in the Entity realm in Dead by Daylight. More information will be available here from July 5th.

New Dead by Daylight chapters in 2024

Other plans for Dead by Daylugt also include improvements to existing gameplay mechanics. Four new chapters will follow in the coming year, as well as two additional chapters that only bring survivors into the fog.

In March of this year, Behavior Interactive announced it was collaborating with Atomic Monster and Blumhouse to create a film adaptation of Dead by Daylight to develop. A director and screenwriter are currently being sought for the film. Finally, the first issue of the Dead by Daylight comic, published in partnership with Titan Comics, will be available in stores and digitally from early June.

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