unprecedented demand. Priority inventory issue, Sony says

Sony has released some data highlighting how much its new console, PlayStation 5, has a demand from the public that is simply unprecedented in the history of the company.. In its paper regarding PlayStation’s future plans, Sony showed a very telling graph: in the US, 80,000 PS5s are sold in just 82 minutes, equivalent to 1,000 consoles per minute.

This is a figure that highlights how much the console is desired by the public. To make this data stand out even more, Sony has also released the statistics regarding the PlayStation 4 in the same period of time. The Japanese giant was in fact able to sell the same number of PlayStation 4 in 9 daysat a rate of 6 consoles per minute.

An abysmal difference, which is also revealed in the interest expressed by the public, with 55% of surveyed gamers wishing to have PS5, where for PS4 the interest was almost half. Even in China, PS5 sells pretty much like hot cakes. In fact, we are talking about over 670,000 PS5 sold in 72 weeks, with all that supplies are in short supply.


PlayStation 4, one of the best-selling consoles ever, recorded “only“270,000 units. Basically, the PlayStation 5 has the potential to sell far more than its direct descendant, and perhaps even more than the PlayStation 2. Sony is faced with this gigantic obstacle called “lack of supplies”.

For the Japanese company, solving this problem is a top priority of all. To this end, the company is also contacting other suppliers and trying to improve logistics at the same time. The goal, of course, is to be able to replenish the various stores as quickly as possible.

In the same document, Sony has expressed its willingness to increase funds for Live Service titles and new IPs. The company then expressed a greater interest in porting games to PC (just in the last few hours, there have been rumors of Returnal) and in transmedia products, in addition to focusing on the launch of PlayStation VR.

In the last few hours, in fact, it has been rumored that Sony intends to work on God of War (Amazon Prime Video) and Horizon (Netflix) TV series. Furthermore, Gran Turismo will also see a TV show, although the broadcaster is not known. Unfortunately, there is still no official information about it.

Source: Sony