UnMetal for just over 1 euro

The famous site for selling digital codes and discounts for video games Instant Gamingtoday offers us a discount UnMetal, a game belonging to the genre stealth adventure with two-dimensional graphicswhich wants to be both a tribute and a parody of older titles in the genre; the fact that the protagonist is identical to Solid Snake of the most famous series Metal Gear Solidit’s not purely random.

Wrongfully arrested, Solid Snake oh no, Jesse Fox he finds himself imprisoned in a highly secret military base. The main focus will be to be able to escape using all the skills at our disposal, such as improvisation and cunning; it is certain that we will not disdain the arsenal of weapons, explosives and gadgets that the title will allow us to use. In UnMetal, our strong processing skills will also be very useful for explain how things actually happened. If that weren’t enough, we can always rely on our fists.

Main features of UnMetal

  • Foil a conspiracy as you attempt to escape from an enemy base where you have been wrongfully imprisoned.
  • Modern game mechanics make tribute to the classics of the genre.
  • Gain experience and skills using your stealth skills against enemies.
  • deceive, adapt and do everything to escape, too pretend to be a cat.
  • Experience the tension of an interrogation and explain the minute details of your escape to an officer who sifts through your every word to feed into an intricate report.
  • Catch all satirical references, videogame and cinematographic culture. A mixture of comedy and emotion that will captivate you.
  • Gather an arsenal composed of classic weaponsstuff like that goes “bang bang”, a thing or two they do “BOOM!” and some that do “BOING!” as well as one thing it definitely does “SCRATCH”.
  • You smell too chloroform?

UnMetal inventory

And here are the minimum requirements to be able to take advantage of UnMetal:

  • os: Windows 7
  • Processors: Intel i3
  • Memory: 4GB RAM
  • Graphics: 256Mb openGL
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 400MB available space
  • Soundcards: Direct Sound