units, captain and councilors of House Corrino

The Sardaukar arrive in Dune: Spice Wars. Funcom has announced that Imperial House Corrino is available today in the real-time strategy game, which continues to progress in development under the protection of Steam Early Access. This is the fifth faction that adds the title developed by Shiro Games (Northgard), which until now offered the option of taking command of the Atreides house (Leto Atreides), the Harkonnen house (Vladimir Harkonnen), the smugglers (Esmar Tuek) and the Fremen (Liet Kynes).

The Imperial House Corrino is led by Shaddam IV, the Emperor of the Padishah, who in turn is the ruler of the Known Universe. This position brings him income through taxes and bribes, but he must balance it with the responsibility of paying Space Guild fees to keep interstellar travel affordable. At the helm of the Imperial House Corrino, players must exert their influence over the other factions by manipulating the CHOAM market, the organization that controls the economy, and the Landsraad, the name given to the council that brings together the Great Houses.

The ace in the hole for Imperial House Corrino is the Sardaukar, an elite military force known for their combat prowess and ruthlessness. Without the Sardaukar of Salusa Secundus, Shaddam IV would not be able to maintain political and social order in the universe. In the army of this faction we also find the infantry, which is divided between melee units with sword and the riflemen, the incinerators that wield the flamethrower and the artillery drones, which need to be anchored to the ground to launch explosives at long distances.

House Corrino has rulers scattered throughout the galaxy, so their Imperial advisors are noted for their expertise in intrigue. “Princess Irulan and Wensicia Corrino, daughters of Shaddam IV, bring politically sharp and insightful minds to House Corrino,” explains Funcom. “For his part, Captain Aramsham is a Sardaukarian officer, expert in commanding the most elite fighting force in the universe. Hasimir Fenring, the Mentat assassin, is one of the deadliest fighters in the Empire, and also Shaddam IV’s closest friend.”

The arrival of the Imperial House Corrino corresponds to the second of the Four major updates announced for Dune: Spice Wars. The first incorporated multiplayer. The other two updates will arrive before the game leaves Early Access during the first half of 2023.