uncovered plot and characters of the MCU film?

Dinsey has been buying 20th Century Fox for practically 5 years now, and yet still we know too little about the X-Men adaptation by Marvel. It seems that to have some official announcement we will have to wait a little longer, also because it seems that at least until 2025 Disney would be forced to use the same actors for the X-Men, and it is not said that he wants, but a leak arrived today from the header ScreenGeek gives us some hope.

It seems that the film will be a adaptation of the Astonishing X-Men comic series written by Joss Whedonthe director of Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron, who after being duration 4 years saw hers coming end in 2008. The plot of the saga is approximately this: the X-Men must protect the earth from an alien invasionas they try to fix various problems on earth given by the spread of the cure for the mutant geneand although we have no news about the cast, in the comics they are present many famous superheroes.

Among these we see Cyclops and Emma Frostwho are considered the leaders of the group consisting of Beast, Kitty Pryde, Wolverine and Colossus. In short, these could be the heroes we will see on the big screen when the X-men finally enter the full-fledged MCU.