Ugly Sonic is also featured in the film, available on Disney +

Coè e Dale Special Agents has just debuted on Disney +Including Italy, and impressed the public thanks to witty humor and lots of easter eggs. One scene, however, was particularly impressed on the spectators. In fact, the film features nothing less than an Ugly Sonic played, in the original dub, by Tim Robinson.

For those who did not understand who we are talking about, Ugly Sonic defines the first character design intended for film adaptation. With those proportions and too anthropomorphic joints, that eerie human smile and that terrifying gaze, Ugly Sonic was able to attract a lot of criticism.

This, we recall, prompted Paramount to strongly reconsider the character design, which then happened. Sonic was redesigned following canons more similar to that of the videogame serieswithout rejecting some of the elements seen in the first design, such as the blue arms.


The old Sonic, or Ugly Sonic, has not disappeared from circulation, however. Apparently the character is became an icon of cinema, participating in numerous films that have consecrated him as a star and even as a model. In the film we see him discussing with fans, including Chip and Dale, at a themed fair.

A really cute Easter egg, embellished in the original version by the dubbing of Tim Robinson, who has been able to reflect the state of the character. And you, what do you think? Did you like this gem? Tell us in the comments as always.

Cip e Ciop Agenti Speciali is the new film dedicated to the dynamic squirrel duo. The film is already on Disney + and is generating considerable general appreciation. There are not a few who have compared it to that masterpiece that bears the name of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”.

Viewers see in this film the spiritual sequel to Robert Zemeckis’ masterpiece, and not only for the technical characteristic that mixes animated characters and real-life actors, but also for the intrinsic qualities of the film. In short, a welcome surprise. Do you agree with what the audience said?

Source: Destructoid