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Rectors all over the world, the DAD is almost treated: before long you will be able to guide your students along an absolutely crazy academic path in Two Point Campus, the new management software of Two Point Studios.

Developer / Publisher: Two Point Studios / SEGA Price: € 39.99 Location: Texts Multiplayer: Absent PEGI: 3 Available On: PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Switch Launch date: August 9

Being the Two Point franchise seriousness is bannedbut don’t get me wrong: this does not mean that managing a university at 360 ° is easy, not to mention that the destiny – didactic and not only – of the students of Two Point County is in your hands.


Taking advantage of the experience accumulated with Two Point Hospital, the spiritual heir of the unforgettable Theme Hospital, Two Point Studios is preparing to catapult us into a managerial context that is in some ways different and in others similar to what has been seen in the past. The similarities between the two management software published by SEGA are evident from the first glance, I am referring to the cartoon-like art style and the user-friendly interface, two peculiarities that cannot avoid recalling what we saw in 2018 among the wards of the craziest hospitals in the modern world. The Two Point style is immediately recognizable, those who appreciate its distinctive features such as friendliness and lightness you will immediately feel at home on Two Point Campus despite new responsibilities and a series of gameplay improvements.

I know, their expressions wouldn’t tell, yet they are getting smarter.

Managing a university is fun, creative and rewarding but also complicated, especially if the right importance is not given to the main resource: the students

Two Point Campus will allow us to create the university campus of our dreams, let’s start from here. The build tested a few days ago during a preview took me back to when I felt like the king of the business while designing amusement parks that were destined to fail in two months. From what little I have experienced the sensations seem to be those and it is a good sign, managing a university is a fun, creative and rewarding but also complicated task especially if the right importance is not given to the main resource: the students. Our task is not only to physically build the campus (it is up to us to shape the outdoor spaces too, studying outdoors has its advantages), to hire the most qualified staff and to monitor the progress of the budget, no sir. These are just some of our tasks, the rest of the energy must be used to satisfy the needs of the teaching staff, the attendants and above all our precious students. Attention: precious is to be understood in all senses.


Each student’s needs affect their overall happiness. A happy student follows lessons better and earns more experience points. By studying in a comfortable environment they gain more experience, consequently they raise their academic level earlier and achieve better results. The latter translate into more funds with which to finance the campus, and here is the reason behind the choice of the adjective a little while ago. Simple, right? Absolutely not. The students are characterized by different personalities and desires that are indicated to us in the form of documents to be managed within specific timelines; Once completed, these mini achievements provide Kudosh with which to unlock items, staff outfits and furniture options. Students must also be stimulated and supported in their studies with everything that can be useful for the purpose, but it is not just a material question, mind you: their priceless happiness also depends on factors such as relationships with others so that fostering the cultivation of friendships is as fundamental as making everyone available the courses they need.

Two Point Campus Tried

Three golden rules in Two Point Campus: educate, stimulate, expand.

The courses, yes. Obviously a university must offer courses to its students, it is common ground. When I first spoke of banned seriousness, I was referring precisely to this. The courses in Two Point Campus are anything but serious, there is the Cavalry School where you learn to duel, the Gastronomy course on the campus of Piazza Lanatra, the classroom of Scientiology or that of Virtual Normalityin short, a whole series of educational activities to say the least imaginative that make you think “if my school had been like this at this time I would still be there”.


The preview was more fun than I expected, I confess. The feeling is that Two Point Studios has taken advantage of the previous experience by filing where necessary the main structure of its projects and presumably refining it after listening to some of the feedback from the community of fans. The impression is that the foundations of the franchise have been renewed through new ideas the ultimate aim of which is to provide greater depth to the management component and, at the same time, to further complicate the player-rector’s life by adding more variables to be taken into account when planning his dream university.

Two Point Campus Tried

A normal lesson in Virtual Normality.

How much the news will improve the formula of the predecessor only time will be able to reveal it, but for now that’s okay since we are still talking about a limited trial and a management system that, in order to show everything it has to offer, must be stripped down properly. It will be interesting to see in which absurd university we will end up satisfying needs and furnishing classrooms, not to mention the curiosity to find out what crazy courses we can count on to impress students visiting our campus. Fortunately there is time to mentally set up our first academic year and I’m not just talking about the fact that Two Point Campus will be released on August 9th: during the summer phase the game allows you to prepare to face the coming year in the best way. Unforeseen permitting, of course.

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