Twitch will be “closely monitoring” game streams

Twitch will be “closely monitoring” game streams

Twitch revealed that they are closely monitoring gambling content and will take action on all verified incidents of illegal gambling on the streaming platform, in response to WIRED’s report.

Following substantial protests from the Twitch community, the Amazon-owned streaming giant has finally released a response to the controversial “prawn stream” meta. In response to a WIRED post, Twitch said it would take a closer look at streaming gaming content on its platform.

This comes after several notable icons raised concerns about their rise in popularity, including Twitch streamers Pokimane, Asmongold, and xQc. Among those concerns was the fact that some adult themes were being brought to a platform that is home to a predominantly younger and more vulnerable audience.

Twitch to closely monitor gambling content

Twitch responded to WIRED by saying, “We strictly prohibit illegal content and activity on the service, and we take action on all verified incidents of illegal gaming reported to us.

Excerpt from the Twitch Community Guidelines (Photo: Twitch)

In its response, Twitch then clarified its Community Guidelines which state that streamers “must follow all applicable local, state, and international laws when using. [Twitch] service benefits. Any content or activity that depicts, encourages, offers, or solicits illegal activity is prohibited. »


Twitch further stated that the intent of its community guidelines is to create a “safe and positive experience” for users of the streaming platform.

While it doesn’t appear that Twitch is banning gambling streams entirely at this time, they have indicated that they will “closely monitor gambling content” on the site.

Twitch slots category (Image: Twitch)

Interestingly, the category dedicated to game streams (“Slots”) was in the top 20 most viewed categories on Twitch last month.

This follows many notable streamers, including Tyler “Trainwrecks” Nikam and Felix “xQc” Lengyel, who essentially boosted the popularity of the category on their respective channels. However, xQc ended up shutting down prawn streams entirely, citing it as “garbage”.


While this may not be the answer many reviewers were hoping for, it is at least a start. It’s also worrying that the “Slots” category has garnered so much attention, especially since nearly a quarter of Twitch users are underage.

This is a huge problem that requires immediate action from Twitch to resolve.

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