Twitch, streaming of an oven lit 24/7 uploaded by a Russian account in troll mode

Wars are not only fought with conventional weapons, but also with Twitch accounts, which aim to taunt the opponent and weaken him psychologically. Meanwhile, the oven, of the Twitch account russiangas1, continues to burn gas in streaming and the war has no respite

Despite the controversial relationships between social media and the Russia it seems that someone, in those parts, has found a way to make a use useful from Twitch. We remember in fact that Russia blacked out Twitter and Facebookas well as having threatened imprisonment in case of violation of this sort of virtual curfew.

Specifically theaccount russiangas1 from Twitch streams a video of an oven running 24/7 throughout the month with the words “From Russia with Love!”, 1.44 EUR / month. In short, gas supplies in Russia cost (much) less than in Europe and this video is a way to remind us.

The video broadcast is always the same: a burning stove with an over-imprinted message on the screen explaining how cheap gas is in Russia, basically boasting that letting the gas go, non-stop, for a month in Russia costs only $ 1.44.

The account russiangas1 was created on September 11, 2022 and if at first seemed to have been banned on September 17, 2022, as well as several sites they reportednow we can not help but acknowledge that it is still functional.

On Twitch, a Russian account makes fun of Europe by showing an oven that burns 24 hours a day. In any case, gas is cheap there.

Obviously it was a mockery, a trolled message, against Europe that was cut off from the Russian gas supply. and it is facing an economic crisis caused by the increase in the prices of raw materials, including gas. The European economy, already tested by the damage caused by the pandemic to the supply chain and more generally by an impoverishment of the economic resources of individuals, was immediately affected by a chain effect that led to an exponential increase in inflation on all consumer goods.

On Twitch, at the moment, there are numerous clone channels that are replaying the video of the access oven and are currently operational.

The video emerged online at a time when tensions between Russia and the West are growing in intensity and there is a fear of an escalation with unpredictable consequences. In a prepared speech, Putin announced the partial mobilization of 300,000 Russian soldiers (which according to some internal sources could even reach 1,000,000) and at the same time threatened the US and Europe against any further interference in the war against the ‘Ukraine.