Turn app autorun on and off, what does it mean on Android

Activate and deactivate the autorun of applications, what does it mean in Android.

The operation of a mobile phone is unimaginable without applications. Users install browsers, mobile social network clients and games. But it is not enough to install the right number of applications. It is also important to configure them properly to optimize battery consumption. To do this, below we explain what the App Autorun function of the Android operating system consists of and how it is activated and deactivated.

What is?

First, let’s understand what it means to add an application to Autorun. Autorun is an operating mode in which programs start automatically with your mobile phone. That is, when the mobile device is turned on, not only the operating system interface is loaded, but also the selected software. This slows down the phone’s boot process, but it doesn’t mean you have to give up the option once and for all.

In fact, it is difficult to imagine that some programs work without automatic loading. Let’s say you constantly use the Mi Band fitness bracelet, which is linked to your mobile phone through the Mi Fit application. If you disable the automatic loading of the application, pairing may be a problem even when the Bluetooth connection is active. The situation is similar with many other utilities, including the Phone app.

Therefore, automatic reloading has both an advantage and a disadvantage. The positive side is that it ensures that the applications are fully functional. The drawback is that it slows down the operation of the device. At the same time, autoloading affects system performance the less productive your device is. Consequently, the impact of automatic charging on budget phones is more serious than on mid-range models and flagships.

How to enable

Despite the drawbacks, the autorun function is essential if you want to take full advantage of the features of installed applications. Therefore, for some applications it is necessary to activate the function.

However, take your time doing this, as when you first launch games and applications themselves they offer to allow you access to certain features, which may include autorun. Therefore, if there is no such suggestion, there is no point in activating autorun, since the software is capable of working without the additional feature.

But if you have noticed that you do not receive notifications from WhatsApp or if, for example, the synchronization of the fitness bracelet with your mobile phone is limping, you will have to activate the option. The activation process will be different depending on the device manufacturer and Android version.

the first way

This option is mainly relevant for Samsung mobile phones. If you have a gadget from the South Korean company, follow these instructions to activate autorun:

  • Open the mobile phone settings.
  • Go to “Applications”.
  • Select the game or program that interests you.
  • Open the Battery tab.
  • Activate the option “Activate background activity”.

Thus, in the case of Samsung mobile phones, automatic charging and background mode are perceived as identical concepts. The same goes for most other manufacturers’ devices on our market. However, there are exceptions like Xiaomi, where autoloading and background are treated as different functions, and thus autoloading has to be activated separately.

the second way

Therefore, this option is relevant for Xiaomi mobile phones and some other Chinese devices. These devices are generally capable of determining whether the app should be turned on by the phone, but you can force the option on:

  • Open the mobile phone settings.
  • Go to “Applications” and then “All applications”.
  • Open the “Permissions” tab and then “Autorun”.
  • Turn on the sliders next to the apps you’re interested in.

If you want, you can avoid unnecessary steps by limiting yourself to a couple of them. Just launch the setup, and then use the search box to find the “Autorun” menu. Then follow the sixth step in the instructions above.

How to view autorun list

At the beginning of this article we have pointed out that automatic recharge has advantages and disadvantages.

Therefore, you may need to disable the option for individual applications in order to optimize power consumption. The most convenient way to view autorun apps is on Xiaomi mobile phones:

  • Open the settings of your mobile device.
  • Use the search bar to find and open the “Autorun” menu.
  • Analyze the applications against which the slider is activated.

Unfortunately, on most other devices, where autoloading and running in the background are treated as identical concepts, you won’t be able to see the full list of apps and you’ll have to check each program individually. To do this, you need to use the first method of enabling autorun, which was discussed using the example of Samsung phones.

There is also an alternative way to view the autorun list of devices, where autorun and background mode are equivalent. In that case, you will need to open the settings and use the search box to locate the “Activity monitoring” or “Active apps” section. Here you can see the programs that are running in the background and therefore allow the autorun function.

Ways to disable

Since autoloading, in addition to its obvious advantages, has a number of disadvantages, it is sometimes necessary to disable it. Especially for apps that work fine without autorun. There are several ways to disable it. They can be tools built into the mobile phone or special applications. We recommend that you consider all options, as there is a chance that one of the methods will not work.

Through built-in tools

Disabling autorun via built-in methods is done in the same way as enabling it. Therefore, if you own a Xiaomi mobile phone, you need to go to the settings, open the «Autorun» section and move the sliders opposite the programs of interest to the left.

If your device settings do not have an “Autorun” item, or the concepts of autoload and background mode are treated as identical, you will have to disable the step-by-step option for each individual program:

  • Open the phone settings.
  • Go to “Applications”.
  • Select the desired program.
  • In the “Battery” tab, disable the “Background activity” option.

As a side note. The easiest way to limit background activity is to turn on the power saving feature. It is activated through the “Power and performance” settings section.

You may have difficulty finding the correct menu option, or disabling autoload may not have the desired effect. If this is the case, you need to turn to third-party software that can also disable autorun.

Via the All-In-One Toolbox app

It is a fairly popular manager designed to optimize your mobile phone. The program has quite a few useful features, and you will need it to disable autorun:

  • Start All-In-One Toolbox by pre-installing it via Google Play Market or any other source.
  • Issue all necessary permissions.
  • Open the “Autoloading” tab.
  • Turn off sliders in front of unnecessary apps.

All-In-One Toolbox is free to download and works perfectly on mobile phones of all manufacturers. Please do not uninstall the app after disabling autoloading as it acts as a means of disabling the feature in question.

Via Greenify

Another good tool to limit background program activity is Greenify. Like All-In-One Toolbox, this app is available for free download through the Play Market and other stores. However, it works on a different principle, offering the possibility to activate hibernation mode to “put to sleep” unnecessary software:

  • Install Greenify.
  • Run the utility.
  • Click on the “Next” button and go to the initial configuration.
  • Opposite the “Special Features Service” option, click on the legend “Settings”.
  • In the “Greenify – Automated hibernation” tab, activate the corresponding function.

Greenify will now automatically close apps that want to run in autorun mode. It is also possible to partially restrict the autorun of individual programs if the user selects the “Partial hibernation” option.

Posible problems

The only difficulty that a mobile phone owner may encounter when activating or deactivating the function is the inability to find the desired setting item. In such a situation, you need to turn to the tweak search box and third-party programs like Greenify for help.

Don’t forget that disabling the autoloader itself sometimes causes various problems. For example, some users experience missing notifications. To solve such problems, it only remains to re-enable autorun, since individual programs only work fully when the associated option is activated.