Transformers, published several artworks from a possible new game

Images that bode well, but for now no certain information

The Gods Franchise transformers has been a goose that lays golden eggs for generations. Even the last console era saw a series of games inspired by the theme capable of spanning different genres and capitalizing on the love of fans for the Transformers. The future looks equally rich, with a title currently in development and of which the first, promising ones have emerged on the net artwork.

Transformers, new game in development?

The source from which the material comes is very direct. In fact, these are artworks published on ArtStation from Elizer Morcillos, Visual Designer who took part in the development of the game. Obviously we cannot expect these images to tell us in depth about the genre of the game, the gameplay mechanics and the plot, but they are a good start to understand which direction the work is taking.

One of the artworks, for example, portrays Bumblebeewhile in another we recognize Starscream, first officer of the Decepticon faction. A more schematic image reproduces some vehicles, a containment unit of Energy and an Energon crystal, while in another scenario we recognize a port with the unmistakable stacks of containers, which perhaps will be the backdrop for part of the game’s story.

Currently rumors claim that the new game is in the works by Certain Affinity. There is also a possible title, Transformers Riseperhaps to recall the upcoming film Transformers: Rise of the Beast arriving in theaters in 2023. Two alleged videos taken from the current build of the game were also leaked recently.

However, it cannot be excluded that this information and the artwork published yesterday do not refer to the same game, or that a game does not actually exist. In fact, the franchise lends itself to many interpretations and no one would be surprised if the Transformers became the protagonists of various videogame variations in the coming years.

For the moment we can start dreaming of a production worthy of the strength of the gods transformers and the passion of the fans. The artworks let us glimpse attention to detail and an ambition towards something great, but in the absence of certain information we cannot let ourselves go too far with deductions.