trailer, story and news of the remake

Electronic Arts ruined the Dead Space franchise and shut down Visceral Games, two mistakes he still regrets. This is the only way to explain why we are now facing the launch trailer for the remake of Dead Space, a title that seeks to recover one of the classics within the science fiction horror and survival genre. To return aboard the USG Ishimura we will have to wait until January 27, when Dead Space will be available on PS5, Xbox Series and PC.

Behind remake From Dead Space we find Motive (Star Wars: Squadrons), a studio that has been in charge of “remaking the game from scratch” but adding “new content and modern improvements […] without ever betraying the original”. The foundations on which the remake They are the same as those used by Visceral Games in the title released in 2008, so the big difference beyond the graphic renewal is in the implementation of a series of improvements to the experience so that the game is attractive to both those who play for the first time and for people who return to play.

This process of expansion and improvement affects all parts of the title, including the story. The main script is the same, but Motive has taken advantage of the existence of the sequels and other material to connect all the dots and make the story fit better within the Dead Space universe. For example, Isaac is now voiced, just like in Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3, while some minor characters that only appeared through voice recordings, like Dr. Cross, can now be seen on screen.

Motive wanted to give a little more context and prominence to some secondary characters, which is why they have “created a lot” narrative side missions. One of them will explain to us what happened to Nicole during the outbreak. On the other hand, at a technological level, the Frostbite engine has been used to rebuild everything, including animations, textures, effects, enemy behavior… The game has also been designed as if it were a sequence plane and the USG Ishimura is fully interconnected. There are no loading screens unless Isaac dies.

The remake of Dead Space also presents novelties in the necromorphs. The main one is the “peeling” system. “Simply put: creatures are now built with layers of flesh, muscle, and bone that are exposed as they take damage,” says Motive. Additionally, Necromorphs will display the amount of damage taken visually, without a health bar or health point indicator. The goal is to give more importance to the dismemberment system.

For those who don’t know Dead Space, they should know that this is a science fiction survival horror game where the protagonist is Isaac Clarke, an engineer who is entrusted with the mission of repairing the USG Ishimura extractor ship. Shortly after arriving on the ship, he discovers that the crew has been murdered, while his companion Nicole is missing somewhere on board.