trailer shows the launch and gameplay window

Paradox Interactive is one of the most popular studios for PC gamers as it has some of the most important sagas of the strategy genre such as: Hearts of Iron, Crusader Kings, Cities Skylines, Europa Universalis and other titles of various kinds such as Pillars of Eternity (by Obsidian but published by Paradox) or Shadowrun.

Victoria 3: an ambitious title

Yesterday this well-known study appeared during the PC Gaming Show to announce the launch of Victoria 3, which will be released this year. We recall that the new chapter of one of his most beloved strategic sagas had already been announced a year ago, as its name allows us to guess the game catapults us into the nineteenth century in the middle of the Industrial Revolution (hence its name given to the Victorian era of the British Empire), with the aim of creating our ideal society.

This new chapter of the cult saga among strategic lovers will arrive at the end of this year (even if there is no confirmed date), moreover it can already be booked on Steam and as if that were not enough, it is available from day one on the platform Xbox Game Pass PC allowing all its subscribers to enjoy this ambitious strategic title.

During the event they also showed a new trailer in which part of the gameplay of the title is revealed to us, leaving us clues to some of its key factors such as a profound simulation of the inhabitants of our nation, in fact they will have personal beliefs, political preferences and a life. to keep. We remind you that each of our inhabitants will be simulated individually in the game.

Another key aspect is the economic one as you will have to build new buildings and industries for trade, moreover both this and many other activities can be used to exercise diplomacy with other countries, all while we are managing the different political ranks of our country. through laws or social reforms, remember that balance hangs by a very fine thread.

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