Tower of Fantasy: new event coming!

Tower of Fantasy it is grinding one event after another; in fact, it seems that from 27 September a new event called will start The Course for Faith. Such an opportunity will end on 12 October and developers expect large numbers. Be careful though, because another big update will be released after the event; it is, in fact, the 2.0 update that will see many new features in the video game. It is still unclear what users will see, but we will certainly receive some more news over the next few days.

During The Course for Faith you can collect Warped Energy Cells, but how? You will have to move within the map to open as many chests as possible, in order to have a good drop rate. Not only that, because you can get the Warped Energy Cells also by the members of Hyena, obviously killing them; in addition to that, in the second phase of the event you can challenge the World Bosses and in the third event you will have the opportunity to face dedicated Dungeons.

Tower of Fantasy: how will Warped Energy Cells work?

Well, the Warped Energy Cells can be exchanged for Proof of Contribution which, in turn, may be traded in the event shop itself. Just as it happens in all other events, only this time one more step will have to take place than expected. What makes The Course for Faith special is that the payout is not just on a personal level, but on the server. Each server will have a bar that will progress as each time Warped Energy Cells are delivered.

The prizes inside the shop are truly special, as you can win the avatar, the frame, the title and everything that the event has to offer. Not only that, because you will be able to recover 6 Red Cores, 1 SSR Relic and 1200 Orange Cores. We remind you that from 27 September, until 4 October, it will start the new Gatchapon where you can get up to 99 prizes up for grabs. Coins can be purchased by exchanging 100 Dark Crystals.

Tower of Fantasy