Total War: Pharaoh: New part sends you to Egypt in October

The Total War series has already made you a general in a wide variety of wars and scenarios. Real, historical, or fictional, there’s something for just about everyone in Creative Assembly’s catalog of the series. With Pharaoh, a new part of the series has now been announced that sends you to ancient Egypt.

As fans of Creative Assembly’s Total War series, you’ve visited quite a few scenarios as a general. The series offers real scenarios such as ancient Rome or China at the time of the three kingdoms as well as the Warhammer universe.

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With the newly announced Pharaoh we are now entering the Egyptian New Kingdom. Here you guide the fortunes of three cultures during the Bronze Age. Historically, the pharaoh is dead and the peoples of Egypt, Canaan and the Hittite Empire are demanding a new leader. Of course you want to be that, but you have to avert the complete collapse of society, face natural disasters and defend your country against various attackers.

Game Director Todor Nikolov puts it this way: “There are few eras as iconic as Ancient Egypt; full of political intrigue, catastrophic events and grand campaigns of war, it is the perfect setting for a Total War title. As a pharaoh you must save Egypt from doom and guide your people through the ominous collapse of the Bronze Age. It is up to the player to survive or disappear into history.”

To do this, you choose from eight faction leaders and three cultures, each of which reveals its own style of play. As is typical of the series, you can act as a comparatively peaceful diplomat or seek direct confrontation with other nations. If you go into battle, you have to beware of thunderstorms, sandstorms and rapidly spreading wildfires.

Total War: Pharaoh will be released in October 2023, an exact date is still missing.

Total War: Pharaoh – Announcement Trailer

The latest part of the Total War strategy series is subtitled Pharaoh and transports you to a new setting in ancient Egypt.

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