Top Gun Maverick in manga style in the new promo on Weekly Shonen Jump

Top Gun Maverick also bewitches Japan, and he does so with a stylized version of Tom Cruise that seems to have been taken directly from a manga. On the occasion of the screening in the cinemas of the Rising Sun, the promotional campaign for the film also arrived in Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine, where we can admire a Tom Cruise portrayed as if he were a manga character. The actor, of course, has the features of Pete Mitchell, with a helmet and jet attached.

The drawing is featured in the latest edition of WSJ Magazine and a full page has been dedicated to it, and we are sure that this particular issue will be snapped up by collectors passionate about Top Gun. In Japan, in fact, the first film also met with considerable success and for this reason a similar reaction is expected with the screening of Top Gun Maverick.

At the moment, the film grossed approximately $ 10 million in JapanAnd. A small amount, but only when compared to the impressive takings of the USA and Canadaequal to almost all collections made in the rest of the world, that is 756 million. This is therefore an excellent response from Japanese soil, and this will increase in the coming days.


Who knows, maybe that sketch could even become something more, if Weekly Shonen Jump finds enough public interest… or maybe not. In any case, what do you think of this design? Tell us in the comments as always! Top Gun Maverick, on the other hand, continues to set records, thanks this time to the physical format. Furthermore, did you know that Lewis Hamilton had to turn down a part in the film?

Source: Comicbook