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Metal Gear is one of the most beloved and influential video game series of all time. Created by Hideo Kojima and published by Konami, the series pioneered the stealth action genre. But when a franchise lasts for more than three decades, it runs the risk of becoming a convoluted mess of ideas In the case of Metal Gear, however, being a convoluted mess of ideas is what the series is about. make yourself known by.

Here are 11 things to yet it doesn’t make sense about Metal Gear in 2022. They may be things that are explained in-universe, but looking back raises even more questions. Or, they may be things that have not been adequately explained and, all things considered, will probably never be explained. Either way, let’s check out our CQC and dive into the crazy world of Metal Gear.

11. The pure concept d’Ocelot Liquide

In Metal Gear Solid, the Cyborg Ninja, who is finally Revealed to be Gray Fox: Cut off Revolver Ocelot’s arm. Next, he transplants an arm from the recently deceased Liquid Snake, which… I’m not a surgeon, but I don’t know if he is. possible. Anyway, that’s when we start to see this arm take over Ocelot’s body, and change his name to… ocelot liquid.

That is finally revealed that… he modified his nanomachines and underwent hypnotherapy to make himself believe he was Really liquid snake, all to achieve your 4D chess ideals. I still don’t know how much I buy this explanation, although I can’t deny that Liquid Ocelot is probably the the best series character.

10. Naked snake, poisonous snake, punished snake… Too many snakes!

In Metal Gear Solid 3, players take control of Naked Snake, the man who will one day become Big Boss. In fact, he becomes Big Boss in the final act of this game, when he defeats his former mentor, The Boss. Next, in Metal Gear Solid V, we’re introduced to the grounded “Venom” Snake, who: strange as it may seem — is not the same character as Naked Snake/Big Boss.

I understand they did this to explain how Big Boss, a character who was killed in a 1987 MSX2 game, appeared in the 1990 sequel, also on MSX2. I would say we don’t have need an explanation for this. Especially given the revelation that Big Boss survived his death in second time, until Metal Gear Solid 4.

9. What happened to Miller?!

Kazuhira “Kaz” Miller made his debut as a survival consultant for FOXHOUND in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. In addition to claiming that his name was actually “McDonnell Benedict Miller,” he insisted that his protégé call him “Master,” which is equally, but also, pretentious. It turns out, in a retcon that puts many others to shame, that Miller once he worked closely with Solid Snake’s sire/genetic source, Big Boss.

Miller will appear once again in Metal Gear Solid. But, it would appear that it was just Liquid Snake in disguise and that Miller had been killed. I can’t believe, however, that the Miller we consider to be the second in command of Military Without Borders and Diamond Dogs will be eliminated.

8. Calm. Single … Just silence.

In Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, a character named Quiet is introduced. Quiet has generated a lot of controversy thanks to his character design. You see, Quiet’s costume leaves little to the imagination, and some The fans were upset by this. It didn’t help that Kojima defended this decision on Twitter. saying that once [they] recognize the secret reason for your exposure, [they] will be ashamed of [their] words and deeds,” which only served to annoy critics suite room.

It turns out that this “secret reason for his exposure” is that, for plot reasons, Quiet breathes from his skin. It’s that simple, but no matter how hard they try to explain it in-game, it’s yet that makes no sense. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I still love the character, but he’s despite writing, without car of the one

7. How was Big Boss the leader of FOXHOUND?

In Metal Gear, the big twist is supposed to be that Big Boss, the leader of FOXHOUND, is Really the leader of the enemy fortress, Outer Heaven. Now, given the information revealed in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, we now know that he actually wasn’t Big Boss, but ratherVenom Snake in the outer sky.

But if the Patriots controlled most of the transactions in the United States, why would they let Letting Big Boss take over a military organization after the bad blood between him and Zero? Mind you, these are not the sensible constructs of the AI, this is the same Human a variant. I understand that they needed Big Boss on their side, but the truth is that He was not there.

6. Who would name their son “Hot Coldman”?

No but … really. In a world where parents name their children after anime characters and tyrannical despots from Game of Thrones, does anyone really call your son Pacifica Ocean?! It is my understanding that most, if not all, of the characters in this series have code names, but my point stands.

5. Canonicity of Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2

Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake are, for what they’re worth, still decent Games to play today. But, even though the player character is Solid Snake, press the impression that they exist in a vacuum. I mean, consider the fact that Metal Gear 2’s plot revolves around OILIX, a bioorganism that can generate oil. If OILIX is a thing that exists in the universe, why thenDo I have to carry oil in Metal Gear Solid 2?

4. Electrolytes and memes

Metal Gear Rising: Vengeance Is Out despite suggestions to the contrary, an entry in the Metal Gear series. He is very obviously however, it is a loosely connected derivative, as all references to the flagship series are limited. In this hack-n-slash, players enter the cyborg body of Raiden, the player character from Metal Gear Solid 2, only this time it’s less whine and suite room distress. In fact, the main method of healing in this game is taking electrolytes or, in the words of YouTuber Max0r., partaking in Gatorade Eucharist – absorbing enemies and nutrients. I have no idea how it works, and to be honest, I don’t want to know.

3. Never finish the game

Let’s not beat around the bush: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was a unfinished Play. It was then unfinished, for example, that more or less the entire second half of the story repeats quests that were canonically completed in the first half, e.g. filling. It was so unfinisheda whole community of theorists has been created on Reddit with the aim of discovering how to unlock the legendary third chapter.

I include this here to illustrate how little sense brought out Metal Gear Solid V at all. Have very little to do with the current plot. Although it created a canonical path for Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2, it takes mental gymnastics to explain why this game was even necessary. It was a fun game, but every time I think about giving it another try, atrocious the story convinces me to play something else.

2. The practical effect of the patriots

So what were the Patriots again? I understand they were – to the origin – a group that controlled the United States from the shadows. But, sometime in the early to mid-2000s, they were superseded by a series of clever AI constructs. I think as much is clear. What I have a hard time understanding is how they managed to do this without raising huge red flags.

If the Patriots were a series of intelligent AI constructs capable of making their own decisions, how did they do it? Really Will you comply with these decisions? did they tangible agents who could dictate their sentences? I’m using this as an example, but… if GW needed to do laundry, like them?! I mean, obviously, an AI wouldn’t need to do laundry, but there are a lot of things that can only be done in the physical world, especially in the early to mid-year. HOW DID THEY DO THESE THINGS? !

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1. Why Konami hasn’t made a new game yet

I don’t understand why Konami hasn’t made a new Metal Gear game since Metal Gear Survive in 2018. I understand that after they broke up, Kojima has gotten bigger and doubtfully Better things. But what is the reason Konami didn’t get over their grief and sell or sell the franchise to Kojima Productions? If they’re not going to do anything about it, give it to someone who will!!

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