Top 10 Gallery Apps to View Photos on Android

Top 10 gallery apps to view photos on Android.

A mobile phone is a multifunctional device with which content can be created. For example, taking photos or recording videos. To view photos and videos, you need a special app called Gallery. It is already installed on your phone by default, but you can also use a third-party Android Gallery. Here’s a look at the top 10 apps willing to be a good alternative.

google photos

Probably the best image and video viewer when it comes to third-party apps. On many mobile phones, Google Photos is installed by default, but if you don’t have the software, you can download it for free through the Play Market.

The app is a great service for storing photos and videos. In addition to simply being able to view your photos and videos through Google Photos, the app also automatically creates collages and albums based on them.

Artificial intelligence is one of the main features of the application. It recommends which photos to share with friends and offers a wide range of editing tools.

Google Photos also integrates Google Disk cloud storage, which gives you up to 15 GB of content to upload to the cloud for free, freeing up space on your internal storage.

Photos Simple Gallery Pro

An excellent program without ads and unnecessary features to complement the standard features of the «Gallery». Photos Simple Gallery Pro is a handy application for viewing images and videos. It also allows you to set access protection so that only the owner of the mobile phone can view the photos by verifying their identity with a fingerprint.

It is important to note that the software is available in paid and free versions. The former is priced at $0.99 and offers a full range of features, including a built-in editor, with no ad-supported integrations. The second lacks many features, but does not require you to make a payment.


This application, which has a revealing name, lives up to its expectations. Memoria is a program with an incredibly beautiful interface that is complemented by user-generated photos and videos. The software is fast and offers mobile phone owners several important features:

  • photo scaling;
  • color matching;
  • PIN or fingerprint protection;
  • hidden albums;
  • folder for favorite photos;
  • slide presentation;
  • advanced search.

With such a wide range of functions, Memory becomes an almost perfect utility for photos and videos. However, users have noted a number of issues with the app, including display issues in the My Photos tab, and the need to make internal purchases to access some of the options.


Another worthwhile program for viewing captured photos and videos. It is an amateur development of the author with the nickname Francisco Franco, who already has several applications that expand the capabilities of the mobile phone. As for the “Gallery” of the author, it is still under development, but it can already be downloaded through the Play Market.

The main advantage of the application is its size. The APK file of the program weighs only 1.5 megabytes, so installing Focus Go will not take up much free space on your device. However, you will have access to a list of all the functions you need to manage your photos. This includes album creation, a built-in editor, a share button, and customization options.

Gallery – Simple and fast

As another photo viewing tool, Gallery – Simple and fast is worth noting. It is a free application that gets a fairly high rating from users (4.2 points based on 38,000 opinions). Those who have downloaded it mainly praise its interface, which seems simple and functional.

In terms of appearance, it is difficult to find a rival to the Gallery – Simple and fast, and in terms of the set of options the program is ready to give an advantage to many other representatives of the ranking. The app intuitively creates albums, putting content related to specific events in your life, and tags the best photos for you to share with your friends.

Gallery – Simple and fast it has a photo and video editor inside, as well as buttons to choose the wallpaper.

In short, this program is versatile and can serve as a substitute for a whole set of applications that you decide to install through the Google Play Market or other sources.


Our top applications for viewing photos and videos include, rightly so, Piktures, a versatile program that gives access to a lot of options that no “Gallery” has anywhere near:

  • access to files from both internal storage and SD card;
  • synchronization with cloud storage;
  • secret space;
  • Editor;
  • video player;
  • built-in GIF animation software;
  • QR code scanner.

The application is free and currently has more than a million downloads only through the Play Market. However, feedback about the app is not always positive. For example, some mobile phone owners complain about the inability to enlarge the image after an update, as well as the difficulty in recognizing some folders.

f stop

A free app, even one featured as an add-on for $2.99. F-Stop’s main features include quick image search, placing photos on Google Maps, and storing tags and ratings. All of these options are available in the free version, but you can purchase an F-Stop Gallery key to disable ads and unlock some features if you wish.

Externally, the Seelye Engineering Studios development appears to be one of the most streamlined “Galleries” out there. The app’s interface has had no problem displaying certain controls, but some downloaders have complained that the built-in editor doesn’t work properly. However, the developers promise to fix the highlighted bug in the next update.

camera roll

The name of this application is misleading for some users, but in reality Camera Roll is an ordinary “Gallery”, rather than a program to directly take photos and videos. The software is unobtrusive and has many built-in editor tools. For example, the user can change the metadata of the files, not just view them as in another “Gallery”.

The Camera Roll interface deserves special attention. It’s packed with animations and transitions that are sure to please those who are willing to spend hours looking at their photos and videos. The app also has a hidden folder feature, so no one else can access your personal data and photos. Finally, Camera Roll has all the file transfer and copy options you need, reading both internal storage and SD card.


By registering such a name for their “Gallery”, the developers of the AtomicAdd Team studio wanted to prove that their application is the best in the category. And, judging by the feedback from users who have given A+Gallery a score of 4.8, the supposed features of the software do not differ from its practical application.

The program is simple and fast, allowing you to instantly open photos and videos saved on the internal storage or on the memory card. Automatically organize your photos into themed albums thanks to artificial intelligence. You can of course disable this option if you wish.

The application has a built-in search function, as well as hiding files from prying eyes. In addition, synchronization with cloud services is offered, as well as a backup of data in the cloud in case you fear losing photos or videos due to a system failure.

Go Gallery

Last on the list, but not the last in quality, is Gallery Go. It’s essentially the same Google Photos app with slightly limited functionality. It is specially adapted for weak devices, so that even the owner of an old mobile phone can comfortably view their photos and videos. As for the built-in functions, it is worth noting the presence of autocorrect, a good editor and compatibility with different types of storage.