too many upcoming games are clogging up the release calendar, says Matt Booty

During the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, Microsoft has unveiled some of its 90s pieces coming to Xbox Series X, S and PC. The list of video games coming to PC and, above all, Xbox consoles is very numerous. Such a density that according to Matt Booty, head of Xbox Game Studios, it is difficult to plan its publication.

Booty, according to what was declared by the American newspaper DualShockers, stated that the Xbox’s line-up requires careful planning by Microsoft. A phrase that might seem silly, but which actually has its own why. In fact, releasing a game too close to the other could create an overlap that could compromise sales and visibility.

This statement, however, it’s a more than positive sign for Xbox and video game fans in general. Booty has pretty much confirmed that Xbox Game Studios is healthier than ever, and that the teams are doing their best to prepare their wonders.


This is also evidenced by the number of titles arriving on Xbox Game Pass in the next 12 months. Of 50 games ready to debut on Xbox, 40 will be included on Xbox Game Pass from launch. An unimpressive number, more, especially if we consider the titles included in the package.

It passes by Starfield, shown during the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcaseup to STALKER 2, postponed to 2023. It is impossible to forget then Forza Motorsport, which promises to relaunch the saga thanks to the power of Xbox Series X. There will be no shortage of third party titles like A Plague Tale Requiem o Persona 5 Royal, which marks the debut of the series on Xbox.

Basically, after two years of almost empty, Xbox is in a state of grace. And if all goes well, we could see the best Xbox line-up ever. And this time, for real.

Source: DualShockers