Tomb Raider, Deux Ex, Legacy of Kain and Thief will see sequels, remakes and remastered, explains Embracer Group

Shadow of the tomb raider

With the recent acquisition by the Embracer Group of studios such as Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal and Square Enix Montreal, sagas such as Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Legacy of Kain and Thief could regain the interest they deserve. In fact, during a new financial meeting, the CEO of Embracer Group – Lars Wingefors – explained how it is in the company’s interest to exploit the classic catalog of the acquired teams.

The intention of Embracer Group is to exploit these IPs not only to create potential sequels to famous sagas such as the ones mentionedbut also other projects related to Remake, Remastered and Spin-off. Furthermore, projects linked to other media are not to be excludedwhich has involved Tomb Raider in the past.

“We recently announced the acquisition of Eidos Montreal, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix Montreal, including the intellectual properties of Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Thief, Legacy of Kain and other games. The announcement sparked a remarkably positive response. We see a lot of potential not only in possible sequels, but also in Remake, Remastered, Spin-Off and transmedia projects “explains Lars Wingefors.


Clearly the word Remake will have made you think immediately of Tomb Raider, currently in development. The latter has been rumored to be returning to its origins for quite a while, and the same cover photo of the new chapter has thrown some “hope” in this regard. There is even talk of a remake in Unreal Engine 5 of the first chapterof which a Remake has already been made.

In short, Embrace Group wants to do what Square Enix, for Digital Foundry, was unable to do: enhance legendary IPs such as Tomb Raider, Deus Ex and so on. Will he succeed? We will see. The acquisition will end in July, but in the meantime it has been confirmed that Crystal Dynamics and Eidos are working on other Triple A’s besides Tomb Raider.

In the meantime, thanks to the Embracer Group, confirmation has been received that the entire Tomb Raider franchise has sold around 88 million unitswhile Deus Ex sold around 12 million copies.

Source: VGC