Tom Henderson says he’s sure it’s Overdose

Here are the reasons for his firm belief

Hideo Kojima and his collaboration, fresh from the announcement, with Xbox is a topic destined to be discussed a lot in the near future, and that will accompany us for a long time given the still embryonic state of the project in question, presented only in words and without missing a screen, a logo or a title – which suggests how much still at the beginning you have to find a job. Now trying to lift the veil of mystery on this title he has decided to give it a try Tom Hendersonknown leaker, who expressed his conviction.

Is Overdose Kojima’s Xbox project? Here’s why he is convinced:

Recently the leaker was invited, just by Kojima Productionsto the removal of a leak relating to Overdosea mysterious horror project that is supposedly in the hands of the Japanese studio. Henderson he refused the removal of the article, and all this suggested to the world that in what he wrote there must be more truth than there is Hideo you want to admit it directly – the request for removal in a certain sense is considered an indirect confirmation.

He is convinced Overdosea project the team has been working on for years, is nothing more than the project on which Kojima worked hard for the launch, then canceled, on Google Stadia. Microsoft, given the opportunity, would have intervened to save the project and at the same time guarantee the collaboration of the very popular game designer. The idea is running out, since the Redmond house has a very advanced cloud gaming system, on which the project is known to rely heavily.

As always when discussing rumors and news without official confirmation, my invitation is to take these words with a grain of salt – there is no certainty of their veracity and there will not be until official confirmations arrive (confirmations that could make us wait a long time, ed). A positive note is that Hideo Kojima same, during Xbox & Bethesda Game Showcase 2022he declared that he has always wanted to do it, and that he has waited a long time to be able to start working on it – and if the master is so inspired, it can only be promising!

Whatever the project in the pipeline in that of Kojima Productions for Xbox I’m very curious to find out, and not so much because it’s stuff that will come up Microsoft but more for the meaning itself of this project: too long people have thought of him as an employee Sonyand finally with this project he demonstrates his total independence, in spite of those who in some perverse way take pleasure in knowing that certain authors are the prerogative of certain platforms and that others cannot enjoy them.