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Games of their own kind are available in our hands, respectively on PC and consoles, but pay attention to the soldiers. Not only the way it looks, but also its playability. T vm reminds me of the classic Lemmings, but the authors, who, by the way, belonged to the darkness, recently brought Fable, painted their novelty a little differently.

Tin Hearts is a narrative puzzle game, about the practice of symbols, that brings dozens of logical levels to the three acts of the aprologue, supplemented by the story. At the same time, the plot is woven directly into the puzzles by the dark soldiers. The individual stories are already played out in the rooms, where you try to get through the narrow doors of all the panics, which is an average goal. At certain points, small soldiers, not like a finger, activate the memories of the family that lived there. In the form of crossed limbs, you can see the father – the inventor, the mother and their daughter in moments of relaxation, but also in dramatic situations, how they use musical instruments, toys and other things around and distance themselves.

As a rule, each level represents one room in the house, the basement and the attic, or the barn. After opening the cabinet placed on the table and a little bit of noise, the soldiers climb out, constantly moving in one direction. Your task is to use the auxiliary objects to guide their walk and get them to the mentioned door. When you succeed, the door to the next room where you continue will open. Sometimes you have to walk for a long time, e.g. up the stairs, to find a newly opened space, but you have brilliant navigation.

At first, it looks simple and a bit primitive, but don’t be fooled. The game soon gets tough and prepares levels full of obstacles that will make you sweat until you find a way out of them. Basic tools with two types of triangular puzzles. The first ones all have an opening in the shape of a moon, a triangle, a U or a T. You can pick up these objects, move them calmly, but they can only be placed on stands that match the shape of the openings. The kind with the triangles without the holes that you can take, place and position anywhere you think it will be used.

When creating paths, the soldiers sometimes go through written letters that they play, or you write them out loud, but you will also get to cold boxes that reveal their contents when activated with the icon. Usually, there is a new interactive object in his scheme and after this step he can manipulate many things around him. Then you know which drums will hit the soldier and the position of the tool will be given after the reflection. Or set the propellers, which you use to direct the wind, o it is especially useful when the soldiers pass through the mechanism, o it inflates the packages of the figures as they fly. In addition, you will be the witches, during which your subordinates will change direction, you will probably also have a small cannon, but after turning on the switch (of course, by a soldier) they will shoot a gun that will hit books or a board to form a bridge when they fall.

At the same time, you need to be careful so that the soldiers do not fall to the ground, otherwise you will break. They are also threatened by the head aa, which sticks out of the storage cabinet of the figure. You will often find that a seemingly simple recipe doesn’t always work. You have to find a different way to deal with your business’s various problems.

If something goes wrong or your armada breaks, don’t worry. The game always manipulates your time and corrects your mistakes. When everything is going well, you can use the clock face and it will speed up. Or speed up and fast forward time. Flipping back for a change brings the soldiers back to the point where it suits them. For example, in front of the table, where you just know that you have some object to divert and protect the soldiers. You can also pause, which is a great thing for stress-free preparation, and then you can also see a clear line, where your army will be moving. That way, you can be a long way ahead. If you messed up more, you simply reset (close and reopen) the whole cabinet and ask it again.

The game gradually adds new mechanics to help you or play a different role as you progress. Noteworthy is the fact that monos can directly control one soldier at a time. It plays only under specific conditions. In selected levels, the house is a trap, which captures the first soldier, it will be lost there. Then you can mark it and with the help of the keys you can go where you want and you can even jump. This bag is not just from the dog. This is how the soldier has his specific email. You have to get to the spot and prepare a route for everyone else. After that, we stepped into the entrance.

For the time being, you can pass the first levels in a matter of minutes – two, with the later ones it can take even half an hour, so the hours can stretch well past 10 o’clock. Both of you won’t know how to do it, then you will realize that something is being done differently and suddenly you will know the solution. May the speedy recovery of the family’s souls be fulfilled for you.

The whole process makes it difficult to control the camera. The game was originally released on the Switch shortly ahead of time, probably because this format also lacked control on additional platforms. But where the good use of touch is difficult, in this case it is more than ever to use a mouse and a keyboard and a gamepad. He grabs objects, he places them first, he is a real bum. Especially when you have to move them to the surfaces of the old age. You don’t have a direct command to set it higher or lower, the game adjusts itself according to how it tries to manipulate the candles and the camera. So sometimes the object accidentally ends up under the table instead of the shelf, etc.

You can move the camera at any time, so you have a good overview of the situation, but the game really sometimes misjudges in your mind when interacting with the environment and based on the point of view. In addition, if you are actually an inventor character, albeit in a spiritual form, you have to move around the tables, so sometimes you get stuck on a barrier and have to move somewhere else. This makes me nervous when I first solve some problems by analyzing and creating paths for soldiers.

The audiovisual site is pleasant. Then there is relaxing music, the dubbing sounds good, and the decoration of the house, the room is as colorful as the elements. This is enhanced by the captivating characters of the soldiers, which you can follow directly from the perspective of the story. Don’t expect any super effects, but it’s a nice, pleasant home attack, it really fits the scale of the game and the family’s progress.

Tin Hearts may not work at first, but once it gets going, you’ll find that it’s a very well-thought-out and complex game in the form of Lemmings. The black soldiers were quickly surrounded by the family running behind you. In the sun, you’ll have your brain twisted, but at the same time, the game maintains a relaxed family atmosphere through the medium of mystery. On the Switch, the mono game is better because of the more convenient control, which is very inconvenient in the PC version, but regardless of the choice of platform and even in terms of comfort, it is a great puzzle game.

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