Three Hopes, a trailer for the Kingdom of Faerghus

The promotional campaign for Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. After presenting the background of the plot and the menacing figure of the Ashen Demon, Nintendo has now moved on to present in more detail the three factions with which we can choose to side. The first of these is the Holy Kingdom of Faerghusled on the field by the pugnacious prince Dimitri.

In addition to the heir to the throne, the video also shows the fighting skills of the heroes that accompany him: Dedue, Mercedes, Ashe, Felix, Annette, Sylvain And Ingrid. Of course, their ranks can also be joined by (or the) protagonist of the game, the purple-haired mercenary Shez. We have no doubt that over the next few days Nintendo will also provide overviews of the other two factions vying for supremacy on the continent. Fire Emblem Warriors: The Three Hopes will be released on Nintendo Switch next June 24.