This Week’s Popular Articles TOP 5: “APEX” Mobile Version Delivery Date & Patch Notes / “CoD: BOCW” Apde / “Destiny 2” PvP Rule Changes, etc.

For busy gamers, from the FPS related articles published this week (May 7th to May 13th) at EAA !!TwitterIntroducing the top 5 articles that received a lot of feedback in the comments section.

This weekNew season “Savior” opensIn addition to multiple topics related to “Apex Legends”, articles such as “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War” and “Destiny 2” Also attracted a lot of attention.

Top 5 FPS Popular Articles of the Week

  1. EFT: “Escape from Tarkov” all editions & 20% off official goods store “Special Sale” held (2 days only)
  2. “Apex Legends Mobile” will be released globally at midnight on May 18, Japan time! Pre-registration exceeded 14 million people!
  3. CoD: BOCW: Map “Jungle” is back with the latest update!New weapon “UGR”, new operator “LAZAR” appeared and still energetic
  4. Destiny 2: Dramatic change in iron banner from next season, new map appearance and rule change for the first time in about 3 years to PvP in general
  5. Apex Legends: Season 13 “Savior” patch notes, Newcastle implementation / weapon adjustments / dramatic changes in rank system, etc.

The first place

First place is the new survival shooter “Escape from Tarkov” for PC, which is currently undergoing closed beta testing.All editionsIt was a 20% OFF sale announcement article. Because it was a short sale period of 2 daysThis sale has already endedHowever, although it is a beta version, it has resulted in a feeling of growth in domestic popularity.

2nd place

The second place is the pre-registered personOver 14 million peopleGlobal release date of “Apex Legends Mobile” (May 18, midnight Japan time) It was an announcement article.

“Apex Legends Mobile” worldwide launch trailer

“Apex Legends Mobile” has pre-registration benefits that vary according to the number of pre-registered users, and even with the current number of registered users, Bloodhound’s super rare skin “Molten EarthAnd the weapon skin for R-99 “Teeth cutter(Super Rare) ”and other rewards can be received at the time of release, so if you plan to play, don’t forget to pre-register.

For more information on pre-registration, see the original articleOfficial site page for pre-registrationPlease confirm.

3rd place

Activision and Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War was updated on May 7th.

With this update,New remake map “Jungle”A new SMG “UGR” and a new operator “Lazar” have been added.

Currently, the latest work in the series is “CoD: Vanguard”, but “CoD: BOCW” is still being implemented with new content by Treyarch Studio, which is still developing after the season update.In the next updateNew melee weaponWill be added.

In addition, over the next few months, operator skins, weapon blueprints, final blows, calling cards, charms, emblems, etc. will be included.New item bundleWill be released.

4th place

4th place is a PvP event from Bungie’s free-to-play FPS “Destiny 2”Renewed rules for “Iron Banner”It was an article that introduced. The iron banner under the new rules will be implemented in Season 17, which will start on May 28th.

The elements that are scheduled to be changed this time are roughly divided into “Power bonus abolished“”New rule(Previous rule “Akatsuki”)Recruitment“”Reward system changes“Three. Season 17 Iron BannerJune 1st weekWhenWeek of July 13So, it is scheduled to be held twice in total, so if you are a guardian, please check the details in the original article and be prepared.

Also, in the original article, it is also scheduled to be implemented,Completely new PvP map for the first time in about 3 yearsIt also introduces the addition of “land of division” and rule changes to the existing 5 types of PvP rules.

5th place

Season 13 “Savior” has begun and is showing great excitement “Apex Legends”.In this article, from the patch notes released just before the opening, weapons and legendsBalance adjustmentNew Legend “New CastleIntroducing abilities and so on.

Gameplay trailer for Apex Legends: The Savior

Also, from Season 13 “Savior”Large-scale revision of rank match rulesPlease also check the following articles as they are also carried out.

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