“they don’t know Roman numerals”

What happened last Sunday will be unbelievable and will probably be talked about for a long time. The hacker attack suffered by Rockstar with the annexed publication of material relating to the highly anticipated GTA 6 made the web unleash. Reddit, Twitter and YouTube are now invaded by videos and images of what should be an old build of the game, thus confirming, at least for now, some old rumors about the protagonists and the setting. This continuous rebound from one social network to another has confirmed, however, that ignorance is still rampant in the world and to point out it is the analyst Daniel Ahmad.

The edgy post posted by Ahmad on Twitter could actually silence most of the users. As pointed out, it seems that today there are still many people who do not have very clear ideas about the functioning of Roman numerals. In fact, the analyst explains that many users have confused the Roman numeral VI with IV, making GTA 6 GTA 4. Of course, the good Niko Bellic could be happy with his return to the saga but at the moment the protagonist of the chapter released on the consoles two generations ago will still be retired.

One thing I’ve learned in the last 24 hours is that a lot of people don’t know how Roman numerals work and think GTA 4 has been leaked. writes Daniel Ahmad on Twitter.


Having ascertained that Niko Bellic and Liberty City have nothing to do with the next chapter of the saga, let’s review what has emerged from the leaks of the last hours. First of all, Grand Theft Auto 6 looks like it will be set in Vice City and will have two protagonists. The stolen material also confirms the the “Bonnie and Clyde” nature of the two characters still without a name. This therefore suggests that the events of the main story could approach the facts actually committed by the two criminals.

In terms of gameplay, the innovations introduced seem many. As in GTA San Andreas and some previous chapters, the ability to lean out of the windows to shoot from racing vehicles returns. The inventory system will remain the same but with one novelty. In fact, it seems that a bag has been added that will act as a “physical” inventory. Directly from Red Dead Redemption 2 comes the spectacular system of interaction with NPCs. By pressing the appropriate buttons you can in fact decide to be friendly or whether to become a ruthless criminal and rob or assassinate them.

Finally, it seems that all the vehicles seen in previous games will be returning. In GTA 6 it will therefore be possible to drive cars, trucks, motorcycles, planes, submarine helicopters and hovercrafts. Apparently, for the first in the series, it will also be possible to ride a horse.

Although this information has been positively received by fans, we must remember that what happened is bad. The action performed by (or by the group of) hackers only damaged the development team, thus ruining hours and hours of hard work. Neil Drickmann himself has expressed his support for Rockstar with a long message in which he assures that all of this will be only a distant memory in the future. Rockstar Games itself expresses regret for what happened with a message addressed to the public. In the statement, the company reassures about development times: “Everything will go according to plan”.

The publication of all this material caused a bad slide on the stock market for Take-Two Interactive, publisher of Rockstar Games.

Source: Daniel Ahmad