there will be PS3 games, but no DLC. Sony confirms it

Bad news for gamers who were hoping to see the completion rate of their PlayStation 3 titles rise to 100%. Sony confirmed their fear. With the renewal of the PlayStation Plus – which has already debuted in Asia and will arrive in Europe at the end of June – PS3 titles will be available but their DLCs will not.

Even worse, it will not only be the PlayStation 3 games that will be affected by this novelty but also all the other games not available for download, but only playable in streaming. In the long list of classic games that make up the new PlayStation Plus are really many PlayStation 3 titles. It is not enough for us to scroll for too long. Among the first games on the list is Asura’s Wrath. The Capcom title had a hefty amount of additional story content available separately. Now, that content won’t be on PlayStation Plus.

That’s not the first bad news from Sony. Already in recent weeks, after some users had noticed the impossibility of accumulating months of subscription to the old service, the Japanese company had explained that yes, renewals had been blocked. The decision was made to prevent users from taking advantage of it to use the service at a lower price than normal.


In this regard, perhaps it is good to remember what the expected costs are for the three tiers of subscriptions envisaged by Sony. The Plus Essential is the PS Plus as we know it today and will not involve any changes on the price, that will stay at € 8.99 per month, € 24.99 every three months, and € 59.99 for the annual plan. PS Plus Extra combines the benefits of PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now. The price will be € 13.99 per month, € 39.99 every three months and € 99.99 every year. PS Plus Premium offers all the benefits of the Essential and Extra levels. Plus, it includes up to 340 additional games. The cost will be € 16.99 per month, € 49.99 every three months or € 119.99 every year.

Source: VGC