there will be over 20 games at launch, Sony promises

Less and less is missing from the debut of PlayStation VR 2. Sony’s virtual reality headset, whose existence was confirmed a few months ago, is expected to go on sale between late 2022 and early 2023. This second hypothesis has been advanced by some insiders who point out delays in the development.

However, this does not discourage Sony, which for PlayStation VR 2 seems to have big plans in mind. According to the company’s latest report, published in the past few hours and reported by the insider Nibellion on twitter, there would be 20 games scheduled for the line-up. But even, the report still reads, the titles planned for the launch would be even more.

The first official information on PlayStation VR 2 arrived in January. Sony, already four months ago, had published the technical specifications of the helmet. Later, around the same time, it was the turn of the first big announcement regarding the games. For this peripheral would have been produced Horizon Call of The Mountain, a side story with respect to the series starring Aloy. THEn later, there were rumors of a collaboration with Tobii who would have to take care of part of the components. Finally, big names began to emerge for PlayStation VR 2. A rumor, which does not yet enjoy any support, would see Hideo Kojima in the production of an exclusive title (but many rumors are produced about Kojima Productions). Finally, again in April, there were rumors of a showcase entirely dedicated and close to transmission. The latter rumor, at the moment, has not yet received any response as Sony has not scheduled any event in this regard.


What do you think about it? What are the 20+ titles coming to PlayStation VR 2?

Source: Sony