The Witcher, the remake of the first chapter will be open world

For fans of the saga The Witcher this seems to be a golden age indeed. Together with the arrival of the modernized version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for next-generation consoles and the announcement of a new saga inherent to the title in development, CD Project RED also informs us of their intention to bring the first chapter of the series to next gen. Fantastic news for all fans who now can only rejoice even more knowing that the remake of the game will be open world.

The information comes directly from CD Project which, in its financial report for the third quarter of this year, defines the game as “Story-driven, single-player open-world RPG“. A great news if you think that the title, originally released in 2007had an “area” structure that was loaded according to the mission involved.
Beyond this we don’t have much other information, and indeed perhaps a financial statement is not the place to expect it, but we know that the game will be developed with Unreal Engine 5 and we assume that it will also have a slightly larger map than the original; certainly, also for plot reasons, not at the levels of the third chapter but an open world rendering makes us imagine new mandatory map spaces. We’ll see, it’s still early but the hype is certainly through the roof.